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La question de l'Âme, dans toutes ses déclinaisons.
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MessageSujet: Re: Pléiadiens, Arcturiens, Ra + Simion 7D   Pléiadiens, Arcturiens, Ra + Simion 7D - Page 12 Icon_minitimeJeu 31 Mar - 7:53

--- What is LightBody... (Suzanne Lie & The Arcturians) ---


The Arcturians

Lightbody is the YOU that resides within the light of every synaptic junction of your neurological system, and within the core of the 97% “junk DNA.” Your Lightbody has a neurological system much like your physical body, but instead of resonating to the third and fourth dimension, your Lightbody resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Your Lightbody is what keeps you “alive,” and your High Heart and Third Eye rule it. Your physical heart and your physical brain rule your physical body. Your etheric body of your fourth dimensional self serves as the frequency interface between physical body and your Lightbody.

As your “junk DNA” comes online, which it is doing day-by-day, more and more of your Lightbody will be revealed to your third-dimensional consciousness. Those of you who have meditated to the extent that you can consciously connect with your gamma wave consciousness have had fleeting experiences of “being Lightbody.”

These experiences are fleeting because you have made a pre-birth contract that you would not flash into your Personal Lightbody until there was enough Unity Consciousness of humanity to “time” that flash into your personal Lightbody with Gaia’s flash into Planetary Lightbody.

It is important that you all unite your transmutation into Lightbody with Gaia’s transmutation into Lightplanet. The reason for this is that most of you who are receiving this transmission are aware you are already fifth dimensional Lightbody in your fifth dimensional self.

Therefore, you do not “create” your Lightbody, but you “return” to your Lightbody. You, the ones who took an earth vessel to assist with Planetary Ascension, are remembering that this “return to your innate Lightbody self” was planned before you took this incarnation.

In fact, you volunteered to take this, particular and very important, incarnation because you knew that Gaia had the Possible Reality of flashing into a fifth-dimensional “Light Planet.” All of Gaia’s kingdoms are ready for frequency shift, except for humanity.

The very evolutionary cycle that made humans the “dominant species” of planet Earth, also attracted many beings who wanted to “hitch a ride” on the ascending planet. However, because some of these “others” have selfish, and too often “power over others” states of consciousness, they have actually served as a breaking mechanism.

This “breaking mechanism” has greatly delayed Gaia ascension, which was the intention of the Power Over Others members of humanity. This, “one bad apple” does NOT spoil the bunch, but they have greatly delayed the process of Planetary Ascension. Their energy field of “power over” has dominated Earth for far too long.

However, “power-over-others” can only rule by fear. Hence, once the ascending ones can send these lost ones the antidote of Unconditional Love and the Violet Fire, not only will the lost ones lose their power-over, but some of them will, and have, returned back into their own “Core of Light.”

The Core of Light resonates to the core of your Three Fold Flame. Your Three Fold Flame is within your High Heart and the Atma is within that Three Fold Flame.

This Three Fold Flame provides every one who is wearing an earth vessel the ability to remember and activate their innate flames of Unconditional Love, Infinite Wisdom, and Multidimensional Power.

It is the activation of the inner Three Fold Flame that directly activates the “Flash into Lightbody.” We say “flash,” as you will likely perceive your transmutation into Lightbody as a flash.

You will feel like you have experienced a flash. The flash is actually that you have lost “space-time” and go into the “no time” of the fifth dimensional Now.

Much as you may see a “flash” in the sky, which is often accompanied by a loud sound, when a flying object “leaves the time barrier,” your transition from your time-bound earth vessel will “flash” as it leaves the third dimensional time barrier to return to the NOW of the ONE.

Once your consciousness and form resonates to the timeless NOW of fifth-dimension and beyond, your clay vessel instantly transmutes into a vessel of light. Remember, dear emissaries to Earth, you will not “become Lightbody.” You will “return to Lightbody.”

Many of you, our emissaries to third/fourth dimensional Earth, are beginning to consciously perceive sensations within your physical form and higher dimensional perceptions of the ever-changing reality in which you live.

These experiences tell you that your mission progresses, but they often make you “home sick” for your fifth dimensional home. Some of you joined Earth from your higher dimensional planet and others joined Gaia from your higher dimensional Starship.

ALL of you volunteered for this mission. However, when we say “all of you” we mean those who arrived on Earth from a “power within” society. There are also many beings wearing human vessels who arrived on Earth from a “power over” society.

These people were largely “refugees” from the Great Galactic War, which raged long before your could measure via your earth time. Earth was much younger then and Gaia had not yet experienced the dark intentions of “power over others.”

She had completed the wonderful cycle of Pan, to be followed by Lemuria and Atlantis. However, as all those primarily fourth dimensional and beyond worlds collapsed, Gaia spun downwards into the lowest sub-plane of the resonance of the third dimension. She has been “stuck” in that frequency for a very long “time.”

Fortunately, Gaia has completed Her darkest hours and is preparing to return to the higher frequencies of reality. However, those who cannot transmute their third dimensional clay vessels will not be able to join Gaia in her expression of Fifth dimensional Earth.

Gaia, with her great dedication to her human inhabitants, has waited as long as She can. Her physical form has been too wounded, mostly by humanity, and she must return to Her fifth dimensional expression to heal.

However, since the fifth dimension has “no time,” those who are only attached to the third dimensional frequency of Earth may not be aware of the great shift. Because their consciousness resonates to the third and lower fourth dimensional resonance, they are only able to focus on the third dimensional matrix in which they reside.

This matrix is that which creates the holographic projection of life on third dimensional Earth. Therefore, since they have are not incarnated on the actual body of the planet, their holographic projection of reality will be continued on another planet or realm.

Since time is an illusion of the third and fourth dimension, we have chosen to release all plans of where this projection will be until the NOW of our ONE. Please remember that our NOW has no “time.” as you know it on your third dimensional planet.

However, our volunteers lowered their frequency into the third dimensional frequency of Earth to take an earth vessel. They chose this sacrifice to assist Gaia to remember and return to their true multidimensional nature. These volunteers are NOW allowing themselves to awaken to the inter-dimensional memories that have been stored in their High Heart and Third Eye.

These two multidimensional aspects of EVERY human are only accessible to those who have expanded and/or returned their consciousness into their innate Multidimensional SELF. It is this expanded consciousness that directly precedes your flash into Lightbody.

When we say, “flash,” we do not mean that you will be surprised or unprepared. When we say “flash,” please think of our preceding analogy of a plane leaving the time barrier. As we have said, it is the leaving of third/fourth dimensional time that allows you to enter into the NOW of the ONE.

We will expand on this information later in your “time,” as we wish to complete this transmission with some symptoms of transition that we perceive many of our earthbound ones experiencing:

1. As we have stated, the increasing confusion around time is greatly accelerating.

2. Distaste for that which is bound by sequential time is becoming increasingly arduous and even boring.

3. Duties that require the logical, sequential, and regimented responsibilities and duties are becoming increasingly tedious.

4. Frequent “day dreaming” of another place and/or reality that is just beyond your full, conscious memory.

5. The increasing movement towards perceiving all reality as “alive.” Hence, there is an increasing focus on animal rights, ecology, and return to nature.

6. Multidimensional perceptions are coming online, not just in meditation but also in daily life.

7. A need for and dedication to meditation. The inner focus on mediation makes their body “feel” different.

8. Your perceptions expand beyond that which is “just physical.”

9. Your Clairaudience, hearing inter-dimensional communications,
Clairvoyance, seeing higher dimensional beings, situations and realities, and
Clairsentience, physically feeling higher frequencies of reality,
are increasingly coming “on-line” during your daily life.

All of the above inter-dimensional abilities, and more, are becoming increasingly common. Best of all, more and more people are beginning to follow their inner urges and document that which they are experiencing.

Best of all, like you, they are sharing these experiences with others.

Beings who have ascended beyond the third dimension often briefly return to the physical world to show others that a transition into Lightbody is possible. Perhaps YOU will be one of those beings.
Perhaps, you already are!


The Arcturians.


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Vers l'Infini et au-delà...
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Nombre de messages : 3550
Date d'inscription : 11/06/2007

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MessageSujet: Re: Pléiadiens, Arcturiens, Ra + Simion 7D   Pléiadiens, Arcturiens, Ra + Simion 7D - Page 12 Icon_minitimeLun 4 Avr - 22:14

--- Conversations With The Arcturians (The Arcturians & S.Lie) ---

"It is in a stage in which there are extremes of Light and Dark, and those that are in between are far too often completely unconscious. Those who resonate to the realities in-between the extreme light, which can be overwhelming, and the extreme darkness, which is very dangerous for light workers, are often not even aware that a shift is occurring."


The Arcturians

L:         Good Morning Arcturians.

A:        Greetings.

L:         Suzille and I have been talking about memory loss and the need to ground.
Can you comment on that?

A:        Actually, what we were telling Suzille via Light Language was that it is the NOW for our pioneers who took an earth vessel to assist with Gaia’s ascension to focus on the other direction of expanding their consciousness higher and higher.

It is the NOW for you, our pioneers, to trust and know that what you are doing is for the good of the planet. We ask that you focus on the process of Ascending the Planet, rather than the personal needs to “get out of there,” as too many are still holding.

It is this determination to maintain your dedication is to Mother Earth that creates the necessary grounding. When you know that you are living within the statement of, “This is for the Mother,” you are fully grounded. Then, you can “let go.” This process of “letting go” will likely feel un-grounded because it will feel different from what you are accustomed. In fact, it may feel a little frightening.

You, our pioneers, will possibly experience the Kundalini rising up your spine. You will feel your body resonating slightly differently and a difficulty in focusing, especially on mundane tasks, and even a difficulty on focusing on your own Earth vessel, which we recommend that you do try to maintain that connection, for that connection is your safety net.

For those of you that wish to return, we want you to know that your assignment is not yet complete. In fact, it is in a quite dangerous stage. It is a stage in which the Light is lighter than ever and the dark is darker than ever.

It is in a stage in which there are extremes of Light and Dark, and those that are in between are far too often completely unconscious. Those who resonate to the realities in-between the extreme light, which can be overwhelming, and the extreme darkness, which is very dangerous for light workers, are often not even aware that a shift is occurring.

Those still trapped in the in-between are often not aware because they are so deeply attached to the 3D matrix that they are unable to realize, perceive, remember, or recognize that something very different is coming into the Planet. They are not aware that something very different is coming into the physical bodies of the humans who are willing to accept it.

Some do not yet remember that they volunteered to accept that Higher Light.  Therefore, they do not know what is occurring. Fortunately, some are still willing to accept the light because they have faith. They have faith in themselves and/or in a “higher power.” That faith has brought them through many difficult times in which they knew they just had to:

Let go of the problem and fall into the solution.

That is what we ask you all to do NOW. We ask you to LET GO of the problem. We ask you to refuse to participate in the problem. The problem is an illusion! The “problem” is often yet another of the many, many illusions that are attached to the third-dimensional matrix.

We ask you to “Let go of the problem” so that you can “Let go of the illusion.”

Suzille was just engaged within a problem, and that engagement pulled her frequency down. Therefore, we remind all of you to disengage from problems because:
Problems are the remaining particles of your third-dimensional self
that must be either released or lovingly beckoned to join the solution.

We know that it may be a unique thought that as you move through this process there are layers and layers of you that will be released.” There are layers and layers of your third-dimensional self that will NOT join the YOU who has dared to enter into this greater process of transmutation.

Hence, we ask that you DO Let Go of the problem. Surprisingly, when you do LET Go, you may feel depressed, anxious, angry, or frightened. We remind you that you are feeling that way because the particles of your self that you are releasing are those that resonate to the feelings that you are releasing.

In other words, rather than hiding from your inner enemy, who is secretly and silently holding you back, you are allowing yourself to deeply experience your inner saboteur in a detached fashion. Because of this detached, non-judgmental approach, you are able to gather all of those wounded/lower dimensional particles and release then ALL within the NOW of the ONE.

In this manner, you will be more able to assist with the process of Planetary Ascension.
·      Some of you who came to help the members of humanity awaken, so that they could accept the Higher Light.
·      Some of you chose to open the “inter-dimensional portals” to the higher frequencies, and hold them open, so that others could enter them.
·      Some of you chose to assist all life. You will hold Light Portals open for all life forms.
·      Some of you chose to open the Planetary Light Portal to assist the planet.

Those of you chose to assist other ascending ones do not need to have to be connected to as high of a frequency, or be as deeply grounded, because you are working with others that are like yourself.

Those of you who chose to work with all life forms must have a higher connection to the higher frequencies and be more deeply grounded in the Planet.

Then, those who have volunteered to assist the entire planet, must have the highest, the deepest and the most conscious connections.

You must have the highest, the deepest, the most conscious connection:
·      With the higher frequencies of reality,
·      With our Galactic troops,
·      With the Ascended Masters,
·      With the Elohim and
·      With your Higher Self

You must also have the DEEPEST connection with:
·      The Core of Gaia, as well
·      As with all of the higher beings within Gaia’s planetary core
·      As well as with all life on the planet
·      You must also be aware of sending Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to “lost ones” who still resonate to Power Over Others.

You, our beloved Warriors for the Light, must be the most committed, as you are the ones who will work toward Ascending the entire Planet.

Please remember that you cannot think of your process in third-dimensional terms. From our higher-dimensional perception, there is no sequence, so there is no process. Conversely, from the third-dimensional perspective of time and space, there is a challenge, in that, if all of the humans who are ready to ascend leave the planet, it will make it very difficult to ascend planet Earth.

The humans that are just invested in themselves, and are not invested in the planet, will likely not be able to ascend because they have not moved into the fifth-dimensional states of consciousness in which they know that all life is ONE. These humans are only resonating to the higher fourth-dimension where there is still individuality.

Therefore, we say that there are different streams of reality, but some of these streams will not be able to continue all the way into the fifth-dimension. In order for a “stream of realty” to continue into the fifth-dimension, the inhabitants of that “stream” must embrace all life with unconditional love and live within the dedication of working towards the greatest good for ALL life.

L:         Are you saying that an ascending stream of reality must be able to see the potential in all of life, and hold that potential for every living spark of energy? Does there also need to be an interaction with these potentials when the opportunity comes to us?

A:        Yes. However our pioneers must also be protective of themselves. They are holding a very high frequency to which they are not totally accustomed. The accepting and integration of this higher frequency of light presents a challenge to their own physical bodies and their own physical health.

Hence, if they see that there is not a great deal of potential in any given situation or person, they need to release that situation and let others, that are not holding the highest frequency, work with those who have a smaller percentage of potential.

Through them, working with those that have a smaller potential, even if they’re unable to help these beings, the percentage of their potential greatly increases because they have moved into a state of consciousness of caring for others. This sharing of their own inner potential greatly expands their state of consciousness.

Do you understand what we are saying?

L:         Yes, yes I do.

A:        We are also saying to those who have volunteered, spent many years, and/or those who have just awakened, that you must first of all be dedicated to the ascension of the entire planet. We say this because Gaia needs a massive, united energy field that is totally engulfed in Planetary Service.

It is important within this NOW to focus, first on Earth, and then on Her humans. We say this because humanity is immensely polarized within this Now. Therefore, focusing on humanity can lower one’s consciousness.  You do realize that, right?

L:         Yes, for sure.

A:        The polarization of humanity is too often placing power in the hands of those who least deserve it, and who are initiating violence and fear. These humans are being led by the dark ones, and are NOT aware of that fact. Thus, they are easily manipulated.

We ask that those who are working for the Light send those lost ones Unconditional Love. Only Unconditional Love is the antidote for the degree of fear and power over others that rules the “lost ones.” Please realize that if they did not have great fear, as well as the need for “power over others,” they would not be able to be used by the darkest ones.

Our beloved volunteers to assist Gaia, you are within the “darkest night before the dawn.” It is for this reason that we call you ALL into “active duty” to serve your beloved Mother Earth in the manner in which you wrote in your birth plan before you took this “Mission to Earth.”

Within the NOW, we know that Gaia’s ascension is guaranteed, but the cost to Her planetary inhabitants will be largely determined by the humans who have awakened to, remember and are deeply connected to their true, Multidimensional SELF.

Remember that you, our dear “away team to Earth,” have served before to assist with planetary ascension. Go deeply into your multidimensional memory to recall how YOU served your homeworld in that manner. We were likely with you then, as well.

The Arcturians.


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Vers l'Infini et au-delà...
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Nombre de messages : 3550
Date d'inscription : 11/06/2007

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MessageSujet: Re: Pléiadiens, Arcturiens, Ra + Simion 7D   Pléiadiens, Arcturiens, Ra + Simion 7D - Page 12 Icon_minitimeSam 30 Avr - 7:40

--- Your New Sense of Self ---

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Ones,

There are many initiations that accompany ascension. Because you are not concerned with your personal ascension and are working for Gaia, there are certain dispensations that are available. For one thing, because you have put the needs of the planet before your personal needs you consciousness will greatly expand, as will the scope of your creative sharing.

We the Arcturians are commending you because many of you have not taken your “time” to commend your self. We want to remind you that there is no “conceit” in the higher frequencies. In fact, the dark ones created the concept of “conceit,” so that people would not understand and accept their own higher abilities.

We want you to know that the darkness is losing its choke-hold on the people. Many people on your world were never aware of the dark underbelly of their country. All they knew was what the propaganda on the television and public media told them.

The masses accepted the media information as the “truth” because it was normal to have the few rule the many. However, we Galactics are here now to remind you all that there is no need for any ”ruler-ship” in any country. However, the force of habit is strong for humanity, and there have been rulers for most of humanity’s incarnations. Hence, it is normal and expected.

Fortunately, in the fifth dimensional reality to which you are awakening, everyone is a sovereign being and are able to “rule” themselves. Furthermore, they do not consider the concept of “ruling others.” Instead they perceive an organized system to which all the members of their society can contribute and share.

Fifth dimensional societies know that everyone within that frequency of reality and beyond is capable of ruling them selves. Without the polarity of light and dark, there is NO victim and NO ruler. Instead, everyone lives within cooperation.

Since each being feels complete within their own fifth dimensional expression of self, they do not need to take from others or have power-over others. Everyone is connected in unconditional love. We know that this concept is almost unimaginable for our ones who have spent many incarnations living within the constrictions of a third dimensional reality.

In fact, many whose consciousness is still limited to the third dimension still believe in “death.” They have not yet remembered that when one dies they return to their higher dimensional expressions of self. Unfortunately, when they decide to take a third dimensional incarnation, they usually embrace the third dimensional concept of death.

We wish to tell you that your greatest enemy is not the dark ones. Your greatest, and perhaps only, enemy is that when you take an earth vessel you often forget your true Multidimensional SELF. We want you all to know that “remembering” your Multidimensional SELF is THE most important key in your ascension process.

As you, our grounded ones, continue with your current incarnation, or take another incarnation; you will find a very different Earth. Those who will remain on Earth during the escalation of the Gaia’s frequency rate will be joyful to experience the steady rise in the baseline frequency of Earth.

In reality, there has been a rise in frequency that has been occurring for the last 2000 years, but the acceleration was so minuscule, and you were all so busy “keeping your nose to the grindstone,” that you did not notice.

There have also been times when Earth was traveling through lower frequency energy fields. In these eras, civilizations there were enjoying a “peak society” quickly declined into “fall.” During these times declining energy fields, most humans could NOT expand their consciousness into higher frequencies, and some societies were totally wiped out.

During these eras, humanity was unable to conceive of the planet as a living being and greatly disrespected, even murdered, many of Gaia’s land, plants, animals, and other humans. However, these dark times are coming to an end because Gaia is now traveling through a very high frequency energy field.

Of course, the humans who have greatly profited from the dark energy fields are still trying to have “power-over” others. However, even though the many dark ones are doing everything they can to maintain their “power-over” others, the higher energy fields are “feeding” higher light into those of you who are able to accept it.

It is mainly during the eras in which Earth is moving through cosmic areas of higher light that you, the members of humanity, are able to realize that, just as humans are experiencing the impact of higher frequencies of light, so does the planet.

With the awareness and acceptance of the higher light, especially if it is a conscious acceptance, the illusions that ruled Earth during the darker times are revealed. The main illusion that is NOW “melting” under the higher frequencies of light is the illusion that one person could have “power-over” another.

As these higher frequencies of light enter your Pineal Gland/Crown Chakra you are slowly, or quickly, regaining your multidimensional memory. As this expanded memory comes “online” in your daily life, you have the opportunity to regain an ever-expanding understanding of and intimacy with your own Multidimensional SELF.

This expanded relationship with your SELF give you great courage because your “SELF” is not limited to the third-dimensional earth vessel that you are wearing. With this freedom they can consciously connect with the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Your conscious connection with the fifth dimension allows you to remember that you can always gain guidance from your Galactic friends and family who are constantly sending you unconditional love from the higher dimensions. Once you can consciously receive this blessing from the higher frequencies, it greatly assists you to remember the “reason why you took this embodiment.”

Best of all, once you establish a constant, ongoing relationship with your fifth dimensional self, your “sense of SELF” expands beyond your physical world and into your higher dimensional realties. As your “sense of SELF” continually expands to include your higher dimensional selves, create a conscious ongoing communication with your higher frequencies of reality.

This personal relationship with your SELF is very beneficial because you can continually receive the “higher perspective” of what is occurring within your third-dimensional reality. Hence, you are greatly freed from the lies and illusions that are constantly being sent out into your physical reality.

Your expanded sense of SELF serves as an “antidote” to all the lies and illusions because your own inner truth and revelations overrides the myriad third dimensional illusions and lies. At first, it may appear that you are floating above your physical self, or that your physical self is limiting in some manner.

You may even go through a period of confusion as to “which self is my real self.” However, as you gain the courage and commitment to share these higher messages in your daily life, you will find that many others are having similar experiences.

Your new Sense of SELF is “returning” to your true form of Lightbody. In fact, you are remembering more and more of your fifth dimensional visits and “dreams” in which YOU ARE Lightbody! Then, when you return to the physical plane, you remember to wear your third-dimensional earth vessel.

From our higher perspective, we observe that many of you are feeling the Kundalini Fire rising up your spine in preparation for your transmutation into Lightbody. This sends a feeling of bliss and affirmation that you are much more than a physical person struggling through a changing world.

More and more of you are remembering when and how you volunteered for your “away mission” to assist planet Earth. On the other hand, many Galactics have never had an Earth incarnation, but have assisted Gaia from our higher dimensional realities.

When Gaia was still a young planet, we Arcturians worked with the Pleiadians and the Sirians to assist Gaia during her early eras of human occupation. We use the word “occupation” because humans were also young in evolutions. Hence, many of them/you were more inclined to “occupy and dominate” the planet rather than to unconditionally love and support it.

It is for that reason that many of you in the higher worlds volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia. We send this message to you now because we wish to call you into active duty.

By “active duty” we mean that Gaia is ready for Her return to Her higher frequencies of expression and needs SHE needs your assistance. How do you assist a planet? The answer is that you send Gaia Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

Unconditional Love is the healing force of the multiverse and can heal ALL life. The Violet Fire is the power of transmuting a person, place, thing, planet and/or a reality into a higher octave of resonance.

However, in order to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire out into your world, you must allow it into your own self—Chakra-by-Chakra. It is for this reason that we spent an entire month assisting our grounded ones to love themselves unconditionally.

You will find that process at:

Since this process is unconditional, it is free of time and can be experienced in whatever NOW you choose. If you have not prepared yourself in this manner, we suggest that you do so.

Unconditional love for your self gives you great courage. It also greatly facilitates your memory of SELF, as well as your dedication to remain connected to your own higher expressions within the NOW of all your “time” on Earth.

Blessings to all,
We are HERE NOW to assist whenever you call.

The Arcturians and Your Galactic Family.


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Vers l'Infini et au-delà...
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Nombre de messages : 3550
Date d'inscription : 11/06/2007

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MessageSujet: Re: Pléiadiens, Arcturiens, Ra + Simion 7D   Pléiadiens, Arcturiens, Ra + Simion 7D - Page 12 Icon_minitimeSam 7 Mai - 21:49

--- Buried and Forgotten Research (Suzanne Lie) ---

Presented by Suzanne Lie

I have talked about this important research before. Therefore, I have now made a “study sheet” for it. It is the NOW in which the higher frequencies of light are entering our Pineal Gland and coursing through our bodies to activate this “junk DNA,” which is actually the key to becoming our Lightbody SELF.

The below research has “disappeared” from mainstream literature. Thus most of us have been denied this important information because the powers of darkness have taken a chokehold on most of our media. Therefore, we must go into the past the find our future:

In 1987, at the same time that the holographic research was taking place, Malcolm Simons, M.D., immunologist, and founder of Genetic Technologies in Australia, could not believe that evolution would be so wasteful as to make 97 percent of our DNA junk.

He discovered an order in this supposed “junk” DNA, and he believed that if there was an order, there was likely a function, as well. Now, as the human genome has become more accessible to scientists, even more researchers have begun to scrap the notion that 97 percent of our DNA has no purpose.

Richard Gerber, M.D., who practices cardiology, internal medicine, and interventional cardiology in Salinas, California, concluded in his book Vibrational Medicine that matter, including human cells, is actually “frozen light” (light that has slowed down in vibration and become solid).

Gerber’s book came out in the same month that a German book entitled Vernetzte Intelligenz, by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludor (translated by Barbel Mohr), was published. In this book, Fosar and Bludor documented extensive research done in Russia revealing the amazing relationship between junk DNA and light.

In the 1990s, the Russian researcher Vladimir Poponin developed a series of experiments to research the patterns of light in the controlled environment of a vacuum. Under the vacuum conditions, the light fell into a random distribution.

He then placed physical samples of DNA into the chamber and found that in the presence of genetic material, the patterns of the light particles shifted.

The new pattern resembled waves as they crested and fell. This pattern remained even after the DNA was taken away.

Poponin believed that the DNA possessed a force that somehow influenced the light photon, even when the DNA was no longer present. This phenomenon was called the “Phantom DNA Effect.”

Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues, who were also doing junk DNA research, believed that the patterns of light in the vacuum caused by the DNA were actually magnetized wormholes. Somehow the DNA transformed the light into wormholes, which were still present after the DNA was removed.

These wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges theorized to exist in the vicinity of black holes (left by burnt-out stars)—tunnels through which light information can be transmitted outside space and time from different areas in the universe.

Poponin, Garjajev, and other Russian scientists think that our junk DNA attracts bits of light information and passes them on to our consciousness. This inter-dimensional passage of information is titled “hyper-communication.”

These scientists surmised that energy from outside of space and time flows through these wormholes, and that the wormholes were activated by the existence of the DNA.

If it was the DNA that actually opened these wormholes, is it possible that our very DNA is capable of receiving the subatomic light particles that make up the matrix of the “super hologram”?

There may be a “chicken or egg” situation:
where the subatomic light matrix can activate DNA wormholes,
whereas at the same time,
it is the activated wormholes that
perceive and accept the holographic picture of the subatomic light particles.

Russian researchers have also joined with linguists and geneticists to explore junk DNA. They found that
junk DNA follows the rules of our human language.
According to them,
our junk DNA serves as data storage and communication.

In exploring the vibrational behavior of DNA, Garjajev
and his colleagues have found that
living chromosomes function just like holographic computers.

These researchers modulated certain high-frequency patterns onto a laser ray to influence the DNA frequency
and thus the genetic information itself.

Since our junk DNA and language share the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary.

One can simply use words and sentences of human language to influence the DNA.

Garjajev believes that junk DNA in living tissue will always react
to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves,

if the higher frequencies are used to project the message.

Garjajev’s research explains why affirmations, hypnosis, and the like can have a strong effect on humans and their bodies.

They have further stated that
the higher the individual’s consciousness,
the less need there is for any type of laser device.

The holographic and junk DNA research reveals that:
humans are basically receivers floating through a sea of frequencies of light patterns.

We choose to perceive,
and hence we create our reality from the myriad possible realities
that the super hologram projects
from beyond time and space –Meaning fifth dimension and beyond
for us to:
receive through our personal portals (the wormholes).

Once we receive this light information,
we process it through our holographic brain
so that we can project our picture of reality into the physical world
to be contributed to the collective and planetary consciousness.

In this manner, we are all ONE being
receiving ONE message
through many different (personal) portals.

When we expand our consciousness
and allow the light of the ONE
to enter our earth vessel through our personal portal,

all polarities slowly merge into the center point/zero point of the ONE.

With this blending,
the polarities of the right and left hemispheres of our brain,
the polarities of our feminine and masculine energy,
as well as the polarities of Spirit and matter,
merge into ONE.

The good/bad polarities then become experiences on planet earth,
and the love/fear polarities become

LOVE IS that which we wish to move toward and merge with (love)
FEAR IS that which we wish to filter out and transmute (fear).

Love, especially unconditional love,
is the glue that unites us with all life,

FEAR is merely a warning message
that we have lost contact with our Multidimensional SELF.

While our Soul/SELF is captaining our earth vessel,
there is no fear for there is no separation from the ONE.
THUS we can filter IN the many light-filled possibilities to perceive and live.

Through our opened Third Eye in conjunction with our High Heart,
we can differentiate between
1)    our unconscious projections from the past,
2)    the realities that we have worked so hard to create,
3)    and the FLOW of the ONE to which we can surrender.

Once the fire of our kundalini has been ignited in our first chakra
and rooted deep in Gaia, WE can

balance our emotions,
direct our thoughts
unlock the portal of our heart to
awaken our greatest creativity,
clear our vision and
open our Third Eye.

Hence, we are now able to:
pull in a greatly expanded spectrum of
multidimensional light/information.

Gaia, also a multidimensional being,
has shared her experience with us,
we can blend our personal and planetary essence,
chakra by chakra.

With the expanded light entering our consciousness and form,
we can also:
upgrade our holographic perception
allow more light into the projector of our earth vessel
—all the way into our junk DNA.

We have been downloading new upgrades into our brains,
but at some point the old computer is too full
to accept and translate it all.

Therefore, we are now:
Downloading a new Operating System into our brains
           From our Multidimensional Minds
with more memory
and faster processing.

Fortunately, we don’t have to go to the store to buy this new system,
it is already in our junk DNA awaiting activation
from the expanded frequencies of light
that we can now consciously perceive and accept.

Our expanded perceptions of:
and clairsentience

are fully awakened by the Rise of Kundalini,
and the integration of Soul/SELF into each chakra
so that we can accept a wider spectrum of light
into our daily consciousness.

It is through
and integrating
this expanded light
into our daily lives and projecting it out into our reality
that we attain our full illumination
and perceive/become our TRUE Lightbody SELF.

Fortunately, as more of humanity awakens to our SELF
and allows the flow of unconditional love from the ONE to enter our hearts,
we will realize that each one of us
Is creating our planetary as well as our personal reality.

As we expand our consciousness to planetary consciousness,
we can commune with
the land,
the sea,
the sky,

As well as follow our perceptions into the quantum world to”
and touch
the sub-atomic particles that connect all life.

With our solar consciousness,
we can perceive our planet as a member of a system.

With our galactic and cosmic consciousness,
we can travel inter-dimensionally
to experience realities in other galaxies and dimensions.

When we live in the center current of the Flow of the ONE,
we can share our expanded reality with others.

It is through being that expression of our greatest SELF
That we can BE ONE with all life!


Adonai de la Source Première.

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--- Wendy Kennedy & The 9th Dimensional Pleiadians ---

The Pleiadian Collective - Diamond Light Body

Wendy Kennedy YouTube Channel:

Adonai de la Source Première.

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--- Arcturian Group - May 15, 2016 ---

MAY 15, 2016

Greetings dear ones. You would be happily surprised by how much light is now pouring forth from many different locations on earth. Eyes are starting to open, and ears are beginning to hear. It may appear as if nothing new is happening, as if the world is instead going backward, but it is not.

Much of the corruption you are now becoming aware of was previously kept hidden from the majority within in an energy system that supported it, and anyone seeking expose these activities was simply removed. There is not more corruption today, it is simply that through modern technology and an evolving world consciousness, these things are now coming to light.

The world is awakening to self empowerment and the understanding that they have the ability to choose for themselves. This is manifesting outwardly in the political scene of the USA.

This is how evolution works in the third dimension. Throughout history, very evolved mystics and teachers incarnated for the purpose of "seeding" world consciousness with spiritual truth because the human mind ( mind conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation) is only able to access what is already present in world consciousness.

These teachers were usually considered heretics or worse and many were killed because of their teachings. At the time these truths were so new, that very few people were evolved enough to attain a consciousness of them but because the teachings of these Light workers became a part of world consciousness, they are now available to anyone ready and open to receive them.

There comes a point in the evolutionary journey where you will begin to receive whatever information or truth is needed from within, by-passing the conditioned human mind, This is the source of true creativity. Profoundly talented artists of all venues, do not build on what is already known, but allow something wholly new to flow out from a deeper level.

Weather chaos is Gaia's way of clearing dense energies of the past and present needing to be removed as a part of her ascension process. As long as mankind continues to pollute and create the discordant and low resonating energies of war and separation, she will be forced to do her own clearing.

We speak today about forgiveness, a facet of unconditional love that is proving not only to be very difficult, but has become a block for many as they try to move into unconditional love. Many of you have had experiences that hurt you deeply on all levels in this lifetime as well as in past lifetimes. As a result, you still carry emotions of resentment, hate, anger, shame, guilt, fear etc. in cellular as well as conscious memory.

Because you are now spiritually ready, those energies need to be acknowledged and cleared are making their appearance. Triggered by some person or situation they will often pop up when least expected, surprising and embarrassing the individual . Stored cellular memory triggered by some event is the root of road rage, panic attacks, and inordinate fears, as well as many other human conditions.

Regardless of denial or how deeply buried, old energy resonates and influences an individual's belief system and choices. Many have come to believe that they can never forgive some certain person or persons even through they want to. For some, refusal to forgive is a conscious choice, but for those of you well along your spiritual path, choosing forgiveness for self as well as others, indicates a readiness for the next step.

It must be understood that every soul creates a pre-birth soul plan before incarnation. A plan that involves all the major players necessary for whatever lesson or lessons have been chosen as necessary for spiritual growth. These players are usually from the same soul group and have experienced many other lifetimes together in various roles even occasionally volunteering out of love to play the "bad guy".

At various times within your many earthly sojourns, some one or many have done physical, emotional, or mental harm to you. This is true for everyone. Cellular memory stores these experiences and until cleared, they are carried forward into each new incarnation. They rarely all manifest fully in every incarnation unless it is part of an individual's soul plan. Cellular memory is why for no conscious reason, you may react to a certain person with dislike or fear when you do not really even know them.

There are some who spend lives living and proudly identifying themselves as victims, building their whole identity around events of the past. This state of consciousness can provide a first step toward self empowerment for one still living fully in the third dimensional belief system., but you are ready to see and act from a higher level--one that does not resist, cover up, or claim some trauma to be personally yours. You ready to "lay the ax at the root".

It takes courage to deeply examine those situations still holding you in bondage because understandingly you would rather not re-live the painful emotions reflective of your state of consciousness at that time. No matter how deeply you may have tried to bury these experiences, the accompanying anger, shame, fear etc..must be acknowledged as a part of your energy field. Embracing every personal emotion or thought with respect, non-resistance, and even love for the lessons provided, is an extremely important part of loving self/SELF.

Honor yourselves and your emotions, never seeking to somehow bypass or eliminate them without examination in the belief that they are not a part of true spirituality. Do not struggle to attain some concept of forgiveness or use it to override the emotions of anger, fear, shame, resentment, etc. that will arise as you seek to forgive. Acknowledgement of and respect for all facets of self, even the parts you do not like is necessary because self can never be excluded from the ONE.

When you feel ready, ask yourself? "What did I learn from this experience? Is the interpretation I am holding based in third dimensional concepts as presented by a belief system of duality and separation or am I allowing myself to see this experience with my new eyes based in truth?"

For example, in the human scene, childhood abuse often results in multiple problems for the adult. However, understand that childhood abuse is frequently chosen as part of a soul's pre-birth plan. It is often chosen by a soul who feels he is now evolved enough and ready to learn self empowerment, move beyond seeking validation from others, and clear old abusive cellular memory still carried from other lifetimes.

Understand that no soul is allowed to plan a life experience that is beyond their evolved ability to learn from it. Everyone is always being lovingly guided by their personal Guides as well as other Beings of Light but since most humans are yet unable to see these higher dimensional helpers with human eyes, they believe themselves to be alone, without help, and that they are victims.

The darkest moments of life are often turning points necessary for growth beyond an old state of consciousness. For the individual, these dark moments are not perceived as positive, but will be understood at a later time (even years) when the emotions have quieted and there is receptivity to deeper insight. Trust the process, knowing that once you choose to evolve, you will get whatever experiences are necessary.

Forgiveness never means that the one who caused you pain must now become your best friend, nor does it mean you forget what happened. Forgiveness is not denial, but is an attained state of consciousness that sees the bigger picture and knows that nothing is random. It understands that all situations have been created to either resolve and complete something from another lifetime, or to present those opportunities necessary for the attainment of a higher state of consciousness.

Never forget that you are not human beings, you are spiritual beings who chose to experience separation as a facet of your journey toward remembering who and what you are. The dominant energy of duality and separation on earth often allows those ready for deeper awareness, to fall flat on their face as many times as may be necessary until they can say; "There must be a better way." thus opening themselves to more.

Karmic situations from past lifetimes often enter into the ability to forgive even when the evolving soul knows they are ready to resolve and clear everything old and finished. Karma is the balancing of energy and not a punishment as many believe.

Once recognized, karma can be resolved and cleared even if others involved are not ready or able to cooperate on a higher level. It is a matter of going within, recognizing the innate divinity of the other or others, removing any remaining energetic cords (state your intention and ask for help if you do not know how to remove energy cords), and then simply moving on knowing it is finished.

As one's state of consciousness evolves more deeply into truth, remaining karmic energies automatically dissolve without effort or even knowledge because karma is no longer a part of that consciousness. Karma is more of an active issue for those still heavily conditioned with third dimensional beliefs.

Forgiveness is a matter of intention, a choice, the asking for help to understand more deeply, and allowing the process to unfold while living at one's highest level of awareness. Efforts made to rid one's self of negativity or guilt for past actions are unnecessary because the higher frequencies automatically supercede the lower, simply dissolving them into the nothingness that they are. This is the more evolved way of "self improvement".

You are entering into more difficult tasks of evolution as you clear remaining debris--sweeping out the corners of your belief system and resolving long ignored or buried issues. The years of inner work you have done are now shining Light on everything still needing to be cleared or understood from a higher level. Forgiveness is a component of this.

It is as if you have chosen to go to a movie. You make the choice and pay to see the story. You become involved and often experience anger, fear, sadness, pity etc. as the story unfolds. You experience emotional highs and lows based on whatever action is taking place. It all feels very real. Then the curtain closes, the credits run, and you leave the theater in full awareness that you were an observer. You do not personally claim the story to be reality. This is earth school.

The ONE perfect and unconditioned Consciousness that you are holds no dreams of separation.

We are the Arcturian Group. (5/15/16)


Adonai de la Source Prermière.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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--- Nora Herold ---

Discovering and listening to Nora Herold mp3 files. The last one, May 16, 2016 is very enlightening :

"The Pleiadians, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the current activation and adjustment we are all experiencing in our energetic bodies and the collective consciousness of humanity at this time, the enslavement game and the distribution of power in that game, the nullification of the enslavement contracts at the end of 2012, the habitual replaying and recreation of the enslavement structures happening at this time, soul-weariness, the beings still trying to hold onto the role of master and enslaver agreements, saying no, the power in observation, anger as an amplification of one's own light, multi-dimensional experience of time, creating and aligning with one's "yeses", the chaos in the current political construct, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians open with an energetic exercise facilitating a brightening and alignment in the experience of the self and then offer a number of processes as well including one that tends to what we interpret as the "weariness of the soul".

The Pleiadians also offer a step by step roadmap into the experience of being sovereign."



Adonai de la Source Première.

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--- The Landings--The Arcturians (Suzanne Lie) ---


Our Dear Emissaries to Earth,
We come to you in this NOW to inform you that we will be landing soon, but only in a frequency of reality in which “Power Within Self” has replaced all remnants of  “Power Over Others.”

Hence, the frequency in which we land will be determined by humanity. We know that those who live via Power Within are not responsible for those who linger in the lower dimensional format of Power Over Others.

All that our beloved returnees to lightbody can do to assist the ones lost to Power Over, is to send them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. Then you must release them from your consciousness, as it is their decision to awaken or remain asleep within a reality of fear and domination.

By remaining in the format of fear and domination they will have chosen to attach their lower states of consciousness to the remnants of Gaia’s Lower Astral Plane. The Lower Astral Plane is much like the cellar of an old house that has been abandoned. This “old house” is being renovated from the “roof” down.

As the “house” is renovated, the frequency rate will expand into higher dimensions that are not accessible to those who chose to live in the darkness of the cellar among that which has been long ago been stored and forgotten.

In other words, as our awakening ones remember to forget the lost ones, their consciousness will expand beyond “frequency range of experience” of those lost to the “cellar.” Hence, the lost ones will remain in the lowest planes of existence, while the ascending ones align with higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Eventually, the frequency of the planet will be so wonderfully high, that the lower astral plane will be shed from Gaia’s body. Just as an animal takes on a heavy fur coat for the long, cold winter and sheds it in the spring, Gaia will shed Her heavy, Lower Astral Plane.

As She returns to Her beloved fifth dimensional frequency, She will first shed the density of the Lower Astral Plane and, eventually, shed all of remnants of Her third and fourth dimensional planetary body.

As we have often said, Gaia is an extremely loving Mother. Therefore, as long as She carries any remnants of third/fourth dimensional time, She will provide a place where her lost ones can decide to enter into the Light.

This Higher Light will eventually engulf even the lowest astral plane, and the lost ones will need to re-locate to another planet on which they will, hopefully, release their habit of Power Over, as well as their need to be a victim, have an enemy, and suffer before they can change.

You see, Power Over can only exist when there are others who have chosen to be a victim. We are not saying that the choice to be a victim is a conscious choice, as it is usually an unconscious choice. Many have become addicted to the third dimension format of ruler and ruled.

This addiction will only fade when those trapped within the format of Power Over remember that Gaia is a planet that is ruled by free will. Because of Gaia’s free will, those who chose to be in the Power Over format in order to be a victim, can also choose to release that addiction and take charge of their own life.

Those who wish to help these ones can best do so by sending them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. Unconditional Love is likely unknown to those lost to the Power Over format, as they have likely lived their lives, in fact they have likely lived many lives, believing that they were not the masters of their own destiny.

However, the gift of Unconditional Love will greatly impact them, as they have likely only received conditional love throughout many of their incarnations. Once they receive Unconditional Love, they will begin to realize that just maybe they can stand up to whatever has kept them in the pattern of being a victim.

That realization will change their life forever, as they will discover that they just may deserve love “unconditionally.” The concept of deserving love just because you are alive is likely very new to them, as they have grown up believing that they are not “good enough.”

With this realization, they are ready to receive your gift of the Violet Fire to assist them in their process of transmutation into a higher frequency of reality. There are many invisible sub-planes in the physical plane of the third dimension.

Because love is far too often “conditional” within that frequency of reality, many people become lost in the belief that they are not “good enough.” The dark ones have had a great deal of power within that resonance of reality for many cycles.

They have maintained their power by convincing others that they are not strong enough to stand up for themselves and need the “help” of those who appear to be stronger. Because those trapped in what they perceive as their failures, disappointments, hardships of the lowest resonance of the third dimension are so beaten down by life, they do not recognize that the assistance of these dark ones is really a trap.

Therefore, the cycle goes on and on from failure to failure and from trap to trap. How does one recover from this cycle? We return again to Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is NOT an emotion. Unconditional Love is an energy field of love, hope, empowerment, and promise.

We will now address each of these concepts beginning with love. Love is an energy field that travels in expanding cycles, where as love’s opposite, fear, travels in ever decreasing cycles. We say “cycles” as energy fields travel in circular patterns, as they also travel vertically and horizontally.

When we talk about an “energy field,” we mean “a package of energy that resonates to the same “fields” of thoughts and emotions. In this case, think of the word  “field” much as a field of grass, flowers, snow or crops, such as wheat. Everything on this “field” is similar and needs the same amount of light, water, warmth, and/or shade.

In the same manner, an energy field holds similar thoughts, which grow from the “field” of similar emotions. If one grows up and/or becomes trapped in an energy field of disappointment, failure, loss and suffering, they will find others like them lost in that energy field.

Since they are all lost, it is difficult for anyone to see the way out. Those who live via power over others work hard to create situations, which diminish people and group them with other people who have also been diminished.

However, unconditional love is also an energy field. However, this energy field is the collection acceptance, support and the empowerment of loving one’s self enough to openly and warmly love another. Because every person can love and accept themselves, they can also love and accept others.

In other words, one can only “give away” what they “have.” If a small group from the energy field of Unconditional Love were to join the energy field of disappointment and suffering, they would instantly feel that something is very wrong.

Then, because they have been surrounding by Unconditional Love, they are able to say, “How can we help you?” On the other hand, they would likely feel inadequate if one who was accustomed to the energy field of disappointment and hardship.

In this case, the great power of Unconditional Love would greatly assist the one who has been beaten down by the hardships of life because there is NO judgment in Unconditional Love. Instead, there is acceptance and patience.

Do you see how we are showing you the “big picture” of your reality? While you are walking in the midst of a huge “field” you can only see that which is around you. However, if you were up on a hill, or in a plane—or a starship—you would get the same perspective as we do from the higher dimensions of our ships.

We welcome you to join us on our ships, but most of you are not yet able to consciously have that experience. However, we wish you to know that many of you join us while you are in your fourth dimensional astral body. Most often this occurs while you are sleeping or doing a deep meditation, but soon your visits will be more common.

Just as the person who lived within a fear-based, power over energy field may feel uncomfortable in a love-based, power within energy field, your third dimensional consciousness may feel very uncomfortable in a fifth dimensional star ship. Fortunately, our ships are filled with Unconditional Love, which will instantly make you feel safe and peaceful.

Furthermore, just as the Unconditional Love we share with you transmutes your energy field into a higher resonance, your unconditional love toward those trapped in a power-over energy field will transmute their energy field into a higher resonance.

Did you realize that you had that much power-within? Did you realize that just by sending Unconditional Love to someone in need that you can greatly contribute toward their process of transmutation into a higher resonance?

Your world is on the cusp of great change, and chaos usually precedes change. You will all be called upon to leave your comfort zone and to bravely face aspects of reality that could be very challenging, in fact frightening, to those who had never considered the fact that there are other civilizations beyond Earth.

Then, they will be confronted with the fact that these civilizations are far more technologically, mentally, socially, and emotionally advanced. Those who have lived by their “power over others” regime will be shocked, terrified, and dangerous.

Therefore, those of you who are informed and prepared mentally and emotionally, will be called on to send your deepest Unconditional Love into the energy fields of fear, confusion, and disbelief.

Many of our Earth friends will welcome the shift in their reality because they are informed and have been in connection with us for many decades. On the other hand, many people have never even considered that there are higher dimensions of reality in which uncountable societies and worlds live in peace and unconditional love.

We hear you asking, “When will this happen?” We answer you by asking, “When will you be ready to totally shift your perception of reality to include the higher dimensions?”

You see, we will begin our landings in the lower realms of the fifth dimension. Hence, only those who have expanded their consciousness beyond the fourth dimension and into threshold of the fifth dimension will be able to perceive our presence.

As you can see from your Internet, books and classes, more and more people are beginning to consciously embrace a reality in which the illusions of the third/fourth dimensions are replaced with the proof that there is a fifth dimensional world, as well as far, far beyond.

Are YOU ready to embrace this higher dimensional energy field? If you answer is YES, then you will likely be among those who will be preparing, educating and calming those who are not ready.

If you answer is NO, then you likely will never read this message.
But if you do, remember that reality is a choice of one’s perception.
The reality that you chose to perceive is the reality that you will believe is real.
And, the reality that YOU believe is real is the reality that you will live.

Remember, whether you admit it or not, you are ALL the creator of your reality! Also, please remember, “Time is an illusion of the third dimension.” When we say that we are coming NOW, that means that you will experience that NOW only when YOU are ready.

There are many of you with whom we communicate on a daily basis. Also, there are many of you who often visit our Ships. Allow your third dimensional earth-brain to take as long as you need to adapt to the New Earth that is here NOW!

To find this Earth, don’t look UP
To find New Earth, look IN!


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

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--- The Arcturian Group - May 29, 2016 ---

About Love and Fear(s).....


MAY 29, 2016

Dear ones, once again we speak of love, for love is the glue that holds all things together. Because the resonance of the world is becoming ever more enlightened, you are seeing and hearing messages and articles about love from many different sources on all levels of understanding. World consciousness is beginning to open to love.

You may tune them out in the belief that you have already heard all there is to hear and know all there is to know about love, and in many ways you are correct. Human opinions and concepts no longer satisfy the individual able to be taught from within. Every hidden, deeper truth about love will unfold as individual consciousness is prepared to receive it.

Love at its purest level is simply the interconnectedness of Oneness. The realization begins simply as intellectual knowledge, but when lived and practiced eventually becomes an attained state of consciousness. Every truth realized becomes you because you are not a physical body, you are consciousness, a consciousness that formed for itself a physical body to use on earth.

Examine the events of each day, acknowledging those that left you feeling uncomfortable in some way and then ask yourself; "What was I believing at that moment that caused me to take the actions, speak the words, or feel these emotions?" You will discover that you had forgotten to live out from your highest level of awareness.

Old habits die hard, and there never need be guilt for slipping into an old belief system. Within every negative interaction, love is the component left out. Love--the realization that each and every one including self, exists within the Whole, regardless of appearances that would seem to negate that.

There are occasions when words spoken or actions taken must be stern. Every individual comprehends according to their attained level of consciousness and thus what is spoken must be said in a way the other can understand. As awakened ones, when you need to speak strongly or take unpleasant but necessary action, you will now do it from a consciousness that acknowledges the spark of Divine Light within the other. If there is receptivity, this acknowledgement may lift their energy and bring about a shift of some sort.

The Arcturian group wishes to speak of fear because fear is the subtle underlying energy of all human difficulties. Many fears lie hidden and unrecognized, until at the right moment, something on a conscious level will align with the fear energy and manifests. The fear we speak of is not the fear as seen in horror and violent media productions but is a silent, quiet hesitation that affects every day choices and activities.

Fear manifests on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual. In reality there is only one energy and it is always seeking to align with itself--same vibration, oneness-- (like attracts like). Fear is simply the alignment (triggered by some event, word, or experience of daily living) of an energy with its counterpart--those negative beliefs and experiences, etc. still resonating in cellular or conscious memory.

There are those for whom some past experience has created a fear so intense that it is ever present. These are the phobias that trouble many lives. Because spiritual Light is flowing ever more intensely at this time, fear in all its forms is surfacing to be recognized and released.

It is normal to have hesitation with new experiences. The hesitation we speak of is when some ordinary activity is always accompanied by a holding back, a tightness, or resistance with no conscious reason. As students of truth, see these experiences as messages pointing to the need for a deeper examination of one's belief system. Fear is often disguised as common sense, practicality, expert advise, or information based in personal or another's experience.

Normal hesitation is looking before you cross a road or choose to enter some area that does not feel safe. This sort of hesitation is guidance from your Guides and Self that should be heeded. What we speak of are simple every day actions often accompanied by worry, dark imaginings, doubt, apprehension, trepidation, inflexibility, and irrational emotions having no conscious cause.

In the human scene many of these feelings are accepted as normal human emotions, but there comes a point in the spiritual journey when you are ready to go deeper and move beyond the unreal. Fear in all its forms, has no law to support it having never been a part of Divine consciousness. Fear is held in place through false beliefs representing a sense of separation.

The three dimensional scene offers medication, distraction, therapy, and all sorts of solutions for fear. These things can be helpful for those at that level of awareness, but you are now ready to go deeper, to acknowledge your Divinity and lay the ax at the root of any remaining fears in order to become the free and powerful beings you already are.

When emotions reflective of fear manifest during the course of your day, take time then or later, to examine them. "What do I believe that makes me feel this way? Is it true?" That is the most important question a spiritual student can ask themselves..."In the light of the truth I now know and accept, is this belief that I am allowing to influence my decisions, actions, and choices, valid?"

Never feel guilt over your fears, but begin to see them as tools of awareness for they point out current beliefs and cellular memory ready to be examined. Unexplainable fears usually represent cellular memory--some terrifying or painful experience from a time when mankind's awareness was very un-enlightened. Take time to love yourself, speak to your cells sending them Light and telling them that it is ok to release all old energy because it is finished and will never happen again.

Profound experiences become a part of your energy field, remaining in cellular memory until cleared. Much clearing is now taking place in sleep, but some things must be cleared on a conscious level even occasionally needing to be re-experienced. Clearings usually take place over a period of time, energetic layers surfacing as an individual is spiritually ready. This is why issues believed cleared and resolved long ago are now resurfacing for many of you.

Ask your Higher Self and Beings of Light to help you, to work through you. Trying to do everything yourself is an old concept reflecting separation--your Higher Self is you and not a separate "something".

The energy of duality and separation teaches fear from childhood on. Babies are born into a world consciousness of fear. A belief in duality will always manifest as pairs of opposites. The third dimensional consciousness will always have things to fear, for it is the nature of duality and separation. However, at a certain point in everyone's evolution, he moves beyond long held fears and beliefs and begins to live out from a new state of consciousness, one where there is nothing to fear for he knows there is only ONE.

Many still hold tightly to their favorite concepts of fear simply out of habit and the world's promotion of them. We do not say you must pretend a consciousness not yet fully attained, for that would be very human. Our message is that it is time to know the truth behind any remaining fears, seeing them for what they are--concepts and beliefs, while at the same time feeling no guilt about taking whatever human footsteps you may be guided to take necessary for your present state of consciousness.

Once realized, the infinite bounty of a Self sustained and Self maintained Divinity becomes yours without effort, manifesting as ideas, creativity, solutions, and an abundance of whatever is needed because these things are already within you.

We are the Arcturian Group.


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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--- We are the ONE (Arcturians, Suzanne Lie) ---


What is New Earth? How do we create New Earth?  How do we live on New Earth?  These are questions that we are asking ourselves because we are feeling that something is very different. Simultaneously, there is much that is the same as it always was.  Unfortunately, some of that which is the same is darkness and indoctrination.

Fortunately, between that darkness and indoctrination, which is on the verge of ending, shines a light of that which is beginning. What is beginning is that our third and fourth dimensional earth is expanding into its expression of fifth-dimensional Lightbody Earth.

We, the members of humanity, are endeavoring to expand into our own fifth dimensional Lightbody so that we can become the population that inhabits this wonderful, revised, updated version of our beloved planet Gaia. However, before we move into the new, let’s take a moment and go back into how Gaia became a third-dimensional planet.

Just as the members of humanity are multidimensional beings, the planet on which we live is also a multidimensional being. Because many humans are recalibrating our consciousness to return to our fifth-dimensional self, we are assisting Gaia to return to Her lightbody planet.

To be continued here:


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

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--- Using the Higher Light (Arcturians, Suzanne Lie) ---

"You also have remembered to share this light with all third dimensional life. Hence, as you breathe out into your transmuting world, your multidimensional breath is shared and can enter other third-dimensional expressions of reality to assist them to transmute as well."


"As you read this post, you may want to ponder your life one year ago..."

Welcome, we the Arcturians are here for section two of Accepting the Higher Light. As you accept the higher Light it goes into your consciousness, your aura, your body and your cells to discover any remaining darkness, so that it can be healed.

This “darkness” is “blocks” within you that are afraid to change, afraid to transmute. Once you are aware of these blockages that have not yet been released, you can participate in your own clearing. Once you remember how to clear yourself, you can assist others with their clearing. The higher light arrives from the dimensions beyond time. Hence, it moves into your present, past, and alternate realities.

Once you remember how to allow the light to enter your earth vessel in this manner, you can assist others to do the same. You will also remember how you can assist Gaia by grounding this multidimensional light into the core of Her Being. In this way, you will merge your personal form with Gaia’s planetary form.

Then, your personal, and Gaia’s planetary elementals of Earth, Air, Fire and Water will share the higher frequency light with all life. Because this higher frequency light is continually finding, and clearing blockages, you can more easily transmute your self and your reality. With the blockages discovered and released, your daily consciousness expands into higher brainwaves.

With these higher brainwaves, states of consciousness, your perceptions of reality begin to include higher frequencies of reality. As you adapt to the transmutations of your vessel, you learn/remember how to find that which is wounded, distorted or out of sync. With this expanded perception you will be able to identify, unconditionally love and transmute your reality with the Violet Fire.

Whatever you have transmuted within your physical or planetary body is then set free into Gaia’s reality to assist in raising Gaia’s resonate frequency. Gradually, there is more and more higher frequency light and less and less third dimensional light.

Do you understand now how important you, our human representatives, are? We remind you to be sure to release whatever you have transmuted. In this manner, that which has been transmuted is free to contribute their experience of transmutation with all life.

Remember in the fifth dimensional reality that you are assisting to create, every person, place, situation, and thing will come into its own awareness of where and to what they wish to resonate. Eventually, all these expanded resonances of SELF will join in unity consciousness with all life within the fifth dimensional resonance of Gaia.

You see dear ones, you are moving from the resonance of the third/fourth dimension into the fourth/fifth dimensional resonance, in order to merge with the NOW of the fifth dimension, and beyond, resonance of life. As soon as you become aware that you completed that shift into that next dimensional zone of Gaia, you will naturally flow into unity with all life within that dimensional zone.

As you begin, and continue, your process of “return to SELF,” the higher Light precedes you to direct your ever-expanding consciousness/perception. As you continue your journey, everything that you need to know flows to the surface of your consciousness.

What was once a boundary between your inner self and the outer world becomes a magnet that attaches you to the frequency of light that is dominant within your consciousness, your thoughts, your emotions, and your intentions.

As you preview all that you have created with your higher resonance, your first intention is to unite with other people, life-forms, places and situations that are calling to you for assistance. Via your own inner higher light, you are connected to myriad persons, places, and dimensions.

Therefore, you are well informed. Thus, when you send your inner, higher light into the lower frequencies of reality you share all of your experiences of transmuting reality via unconditional Love and the Violet Fire. In this manner, you set into motion a situation in which you become the teacher of what you have learned/remembered.

We say “learned/remembered” because you have learned to remember your own higher dimensional expressions of SELF. You have also remembered how to bring the higher Light into your consciousness and run it through your physical form.

You also have remembered to share this light with all third dimensional life. Hence, as you breathe out into your transmuting world, your multidimensional breath is shared and can enter other third-dimensional expressions of reality to assist them to transmute as well.

The more and more you allow this higher light to enter into your body, the deeper, and deeper it can travel. The deeper the light can move into your form, the more old karmic pathways of parallel and alternate incarnations on Earth can be transmuted. In this manner, you are shifting myriad versions of your third dimensional self within the NOW.

In this way the injuries that you have taken on throughout your myriad embodiments in a third-dimensional vessel can be healed from within. Fortunately the antidote to the lies you have been told, the mistakes that you have made and the hardships you have endured is that you KNOW that you can refuse to participate in any version of reality by letting GO of that which you have determined to be a completed experience.

As you begin to take control of your own reality in this manner, you realize that you have the ability to transmute and release any experiences that YOU deem as complete. You also remember that the antidote to any fear and/or pain that re-emerges is to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to yourself.

This gift of unconditional love for yourself allows you to peacefully move through the overall experience of flowing through the time zone in which you are presently incarnated. The Unconditional Love and Violet Fire, which has become a constant component of your consciousness, will guide you to align yourself with the higher frequency energy fields that are increasingly flowing through your present reality.

You are NOW moving through, traveling around, touching, caressing, floating above the lower frequencies of light/reality, which has been all that you have known until this NOW. Therefore, you are being called upon to adapt to a novel experience of 3D reality.

As you move through your increasingly, expanding reality you will learn to discern between the different frequencies of Light. With your new multidimensional discernment, you will be able to slowly, or quickly, adapt your consciousness to choose the higher dimensional perceptions.

Bit-by-bit and moment-to-moment, your perceptions will align with the frequency of reality to which your higher consciousness has adapted. You are similar to deep-sea divers who must slowly return to the surface so that their body can adapt to their return to the surface in which the “light meets the water.”

NOW, just as you might go into the water and feel the flow of colder water and flows of warmer water, you will learn to recognize the denser flow of lower dimensional realities and the lighter flow of higher dimensional realities.

As you move through this ever-changing version of dear Gaia’s planet, you will hone your ability to recognize and fall-into the higher dimensional flows of ascending Earth. You are able to do so because YOU are adapting to your expanded perceptions.

The more you adapt to your higher frequency choices of perception, the more your consciousness will align with that which you are now adapting to. As your consciousness aligns with the higher frequency waves of light/reality, you higher frequency perceptions come online in your daily life.

Gradually, the worries and woes of the third dimensional resonance, which you are now moving beyond, become distant memories of a life you once lived. You are increasingly adapting to the “feel” of a higher resonance of reality. Hence, you can more easily discern the difference between third, fourth and fifth-dimensional energy fields.

As you enhance this discernment, you will increasingly choose to flow INTO that which is filled with unconditional love. You will also remember to transmute the denser versions of reality that you are releasing. You will also discover that you can no longer tolerate the energy fields, which resonate to frequency of confusion, separation, or fear.

Even though the higher frequency energy fields might be disconcerting at first, you will swiftly learn that if you remain in that resonance you will soon adapt. As you choose to remain in the energy field of unconditional love, your consciousness will increasingly expand to the resonance in which you will begin to remember.

Gradually, you will lovingly remember the reality of your Higher SELF in which the fifth dimensional state of consciousness is normal. As you float in to and out of these higher dimensional energy fields, your consciousness will gradually adapt to the higher dimensions of reality.

With this adaptation, you will progressively release your link to the lower dimensions of reality. Eventually, you will be able to stay longer and longer in the fifth-dimensional energy field. As you adapt to the fifth dimensional energy field, you will begin to clearly to perceive the myriad third-dimensional illusions.

With the release of these illusions, you will know that you are the creator of your personal reality and that you chose to enter into the resonance of third dimensional illusion. You will realize that it is the NOW for you to take full responsibility for the life that YOU have created with your every thought and your every emotion.

When you take that responsibility for your choices, it so expands your consciousness that you begin to think in a planetary manner. As you move into Planetary Consciousness, you increasingly realize that with your every inhale, you breathe in your fifth dimensional consciousness; and with every exhale you share your fifth dimensional consciousness with Gaia.

This form of inter-dimensional breathing so expands your perceptions that you can clearly recognize when you are being called up to transmute Gaia with your gift of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.
As you answer this call, your perceptions expand even further to perceive how your ongoing transmutation expands into:
the atmosphere,
the ground,
the water,
and into all of the elementals.
You can also perceive the elementals joyfully transporting your gift to persons, animals, plants, locations and/or situations.

Even though you once feel you were alone, you are NOW intermingling and intertwining with ALL life. You are increasingly releasing old 3D human beliefs of good - bad, better - worse and yours - mine and moving into the 5D planetary belief of:

“We humans are members of this beautiful being known as Gaia.”

Now that we have explained how you are the creator of your reality, we want you to remind you that YOUR Multidimensional SELF flows all the way from Source, down through the Oversoul, and into the myriad versions of your sixth, fifth, fourth and third dimensional expressions to align the energy field of your SELF with the version the YOU who has fully awakened.

Through this “string of pearls” you are able to expand your perceptions up into higher and higher frequencies of yourself, while you simultaneously plant that string of pearls into the core of Gaia. In this manner, YOU become the very nature of your planetary SELF—Gaia.

As you expand your consciousness from being a person into being a planet, you realize that you are not just creating or changing, you are returning. You KNOW that you are returning because you can remember who YOU really are.

You can remember that you have had myriad incarnations on Gaia, and you are now ready to gather them all into the NOW and return ALL your expressions to the fifth dimension and beyond. We wish to remind all of you that we the Arcturians are with you throughout this entire process.

You may not recognize us because we are formless energy fields that encircle, move through, and resonate to myriad frequencies of reality. Therefore, you will recognize us in the same manner as you recognize your own Multidimensional SELF in your own multi-dimensional realities and worlds.

In other words, as you know more of yourself, you will know more of us. And, as you know more of us you, will know more of yourself. Remember that we, all of us, live as ONE within the NOW.

We see that in your NOW, many of you are getting ready to release and let go of all your third-dimensional belief systems. These third dimensional believe systems are remedial like your first grade “learning to read” books. These 3D belief systems are based on polarity, gender, separation, sequence, time, competition, and death.

Just as all of the third-dimensional experiences of your reality are being recalibrated, every dimension of your great, multi-dimensional life force is being downloaded into your third-dimensional clay vessel.

With this major download of your Multidimensional SELF, the members of you who were once primitive, individualized and disillusioned and efficiently merge with the members of YOU who are infinitely collective, united and enlightened.

You all chose to enter into this great adventure of planetary ascension because you knew that this huge challenge would be very beneficial for the expansion of your entire SELF. When you ask:
“When will these event occur?”
We say, “NOW! NOW is real and time is a third dimensional illusion.”

Please remember that a question about “when” is bound by third dimensional “time.” We ask NOW that you release that third dimensional construct and move into fifth dimensional truth.
YOU are already ascended.
You are already a fifth dimensional being.

However, your third dimensional thinking told you that you are one individual who must work very hard to be good enough to ascend.

In fact, ascension is a third dimensional construct in which YOU are separated from the YOU in the higher dimensions of reality.

As you let go of time and third-dimensional thoughts of limitation,
you will flow into the Now of the fifth-dimension YOU in which you know that:

YOU are the creator of your life,
and YOU are All as ONE collective being
WHO is creating Gaia’s Ascension.


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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--- Arcturians (Suzanne Lie) ---

"You see, our first landing begins not ON your Earth but IN the consciousness of Earth's inhabitants."

A complete pdf book ("I am giving away an interesting experience I had of questions and answers with the Arcturians. Jefferson asked the questions and the Arcturians gave the answers...." Suzanne Lie) :

Enj sunny y !!!

Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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--- Preparing for First Contact by Sharman the Pleiadian Through Sue Lie ---

Light Partners with Nature

Greetings. I am Commander Sharman speaking to you from our Starships. I say, “Starships” because there are many of us now who are maintaining a constant connection with Gaia within the higher fourth and fifth dimensional versions of Her reality.

Humans have adapted a belief, or prejudice, that only third dimensional humans are alive, and everything else goes under the category of “nature,” as if the 'human’ category was more important than the category of nature.

The fact is that nature could, and did, survive and thrive much better before humans became “civilized.” In reality the non-civilized humans were much more in tune with, and in cohesion with nature, than what has been called “the modern man.”

The modern man has created untold damage and destruction to all forms of nature, such as the trees, mountains, animals, fish, birds, insects, as well as the cycles of unity with all life. The cycle of unity with all life begins at the birth of any of the elements of nature and continues to include the entire planet.

It is the now for humanity to remember what they innately knew as children but forgot when they grew up, which is EVERYTHING IS ALIVE. Even the “things” that humans use in their daily life are surrounded by the living auras of every being that has ever touched them.
Do you know that you leave the fingerprint of your energy field on every thing or person that you ever touch?

As long as one is ignorant of that fact they can behave as if they do not have that power. However, you all do have that power and every human affects your reality with a single thought, touch, emotion, or interaction. That is why humans were once called the “Keepers of the Land.”’

Unfortunately, to an alarming extent, humanity did not “keep” the land. Instead, they destroyed it. In fact, humanity also destroyed the air, which diminished the Sun’s power to transmute your reality.

Instead of transmuting Earth into a higher frequency, the great beings of the Sun needed to heal the harm that humanity had inflicted on Gaia. Humanity has also tainted the water, which is vital for all life to grow into its strongest potential and treated the earth element as if it were “dirt.”

Humanity created so much smog that many of the Suns higher rays of light have been screened out. Furthermore, humans have tainted the water with the waste material of the many “things” that they create.

But NOW that era is ending. NOW mother Gaia is to be recognized as the home on which that every one of Her children were born to protect and maintain. But first Gaia’s children need to grow up into responsible adults.

Within this now a new era is dawning. This is the era where humanity will learn to seek IN rather than to seek ABOVE. They will no longer have an invisible God who is somewhere up in the sky, in fact, up in the very sky that humanity tainted by choosing profit over ecology.

The pathway to God is not determined by the physical destinations of up, over around or under. God is within each and every human, even the ones who have fallen into, or been forced into darkness, such as children of the Illuminati.

Each and every human is a portal through which “Heaven” can manifest on Earth. But what is Heaven? Heaven is the freedom of the combined qualities of Wisdom, Power, and Love working as ONE.

Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love are the qualities to which humanity is returning as they re-embrace their fifth dimensional and above expressions of Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love.

“Where do I find these qualities?” many ask. The answer is that you find these qualities within your own earth vessel, within your own High Heart, which will assist you to connect your earth vessel self into your own fully awakened Lightbody, which is within your own physical body self.

“How do I make this connection?” you ask. The answer is that you were born with that connection. However, the hardships and challenges of a third dimensional life made you forget. You also forgot because of safety issues. Those who remembered and tried to share the truth were often taunted, ignored, harmed, or even killed.

Fortunately, that experience is coming to a conclusion. When the third dimension was the primary dimension of habitation, the polarities of such a low frequency created separation and limitation from your own Higher Self and from the planet on which your earth vessel was born.

You chose to take a vessel of the same frequency and elements as Earth to assist with Gaia’s planetary ascension. Many humans talk about their personal ascension, but all of you are already ascended. The “multidimensional you” already lives in the higher dimensions.

All of these versions of your Multidimensional SELF
wear a form that resonates to the frequency of each of those dimensions.

Humanity came to Earth again and again to heal the wounds that you left on Gaia’s Earth, in Her air and water, as well as Her land. Because you had not “cleaned up your room.” you could not “play in the fifth dimension” until you had completed the cycle of your third dimensional life.

To complete the cycle of your third dimensional life, you are called on to transmute all the residue of all your third/fourth dimensional incarnations on Earth. Unfortunately, you could not clear your incarnational residue until you are awake enough in your physical form to call on your innate multidimensional qualities.

Once aware of your own multidimensional qualities, you are able to do on Earth what you had promised to do for Earth before you took your Earth vessel. Unfortunately, far too many of you got lost in the allure of individuality.

Therefore, you forgot that individuality was not a toy to play with. Individuality was, and is, a focus point. Individuality is “the tip of a pen” through which you write your individual statements. Individuality is the focus point of what you see, hear, smell, touch, and therefore, perceive as your reality.

However, each individual has their own reality and their own personal experience of life in the third dimension. Once you are living within your third dimensional expression of SELF, you are bound to Earth’s third-dimensional Law of Cause and Effect that governs that frequency of Gaia’s reality.

If you wish to leave that frequency of Gaia’s multidimensional planet, just like a hiker, you need to pack out your trash. In order for you to exit your third dimensional experience you need to collect your “trash,” put it in to your backpack and leave Gaia exactly as you found Her. In fact, please leave Gaia better than you found Her.

Within this NOW of Gaia’s ascension process, you need to leave Gaia in BETTER shape than She was when you entered your present incarnation. Much like the hiker, you must make sure that you have collected all of the trash that you have ever left from any and all of your former “hikes/incarnations” into the third dimension.

In fact, you are being called on to pack out all the trash that has ever been left by anyone who has ever “taken a hike” into the third dimension. You see, the third dimensional trails are now under construction and will be closed due to roadwork. Only the members of the cleanup team are coming to Gaia now.

The reason for this is because those who still function under the 3D HABIT of “me first” will not be allowed to enter into this “ascension game.” This ascension game has reached a point of “critical shift,” and those whose focus is on the darkness and/or power-over others will no longer be allowed to play there.

The ones who have not yet learned that “energy out is energy back” or “how to live within and share the energy field of Unconditional Love” are being redirected to another third/fourth dimensional planet.

Gaia is now “under construction” to become a fifth dimensional planet. She is happily accepting souls who wish to participate in her reconstruction, but will NOT allow those who wish to have “power over others,” as their birth plan.

In fact, even those who have left their residue of darkness on Gaia, and wish to transmute that energy, will be redirected to the fourth dimensional frequency of Gaia, which will remain opened until the construction of the fifth dimensional Gaia is complete.

Within the fourth dimensional frequency of Gaia’s aura, energy out is instantly returned as energy back. Therefore, if one’s third dimensional experiences have not been completed by taking full responsibility for their “energy out,” and then by transmuting their own darkness/fear into light/unconditional love, they will be redirected to another third dimensional planet.

Therefore, as there is less and less negative energy left on Gaia’s planetary body by irresponsible humans, Gaia will more easily be able to transmute and rebirth into her fifth dimensional octave of self. In fact, within your NOW, many Higher Beings from the galaxy are surrounding Earth.

Some of the inhabitants of these Ships are sharing their consciousness with the awakened human, who are often third dimensional expressions of their own Multidimensional SELF. Because of the long “growing up process” on Earth, most of these Higher Beings are sharing with adults who have expanded their consciousness into the higher fourth or fifth dimension.

However, there are more and more children and adolescents who are able to consciously accept and share the information that is being sent to them via their higher dimensional expressions of SELF. All of these humans can accept the higher frequency without needing to leave their Earth Vessel.

It is for this reason that so many humans are eating better, meditating, exercising and doing all that is necessary to raise their resonance so that their higher frequency of SELF can inter-mingle with their human form without harming it.

Just as only the highest frequency of rocks, which are crystals, can accept and use the higher dimensions of light, only your fifth dimensional body can fully accept and use the highest frequencies of light.

Fortunately your “Lightbody” is nestled within your Kundalini, which is surrounded by your spinal column. If you are aware of your innate Lightbody, and aware of the giant crystals within the core of Gaia, you likely know that once you capture that Higher Light, you will share it with Gaia.

As you allow this Higher Light into your vessel, be sure to surround it with Unconditional Love to protect your fragile third-dimensional body.

Also, be sure to:
· Send that Higher Light down through the passageway of your own latent inter-dimensional Lightbody SELF…
· AND down into Gaia’s Core and Cornerstone Crystals in the Center of Her planetary form.

“But what will this do to our own fragile third dimensional body?” we hear you ask. Remember the primary operating systems of Gaia’s third dimensional body is energy out returns as energy back. Therefore, as you offer your own physical body to serve as a passageway for the higher light to enter Gaia’s core, that light also enters your core.

Just as Gaia’s core is already innately fifth dimensional and awaiting the NOW to transmute into her fifth dimensional Light Planet, your kundalini core is innately fifth dimensional and awaiting the NOW to transmute into your fifth dimensional Light Body.

“What you give will return to you,” is an important component of Gaia’s “3D Operating System of “Cause and “Effect.” Therefore, as you give away the Higher Light that you have collected within your own Earth Vessel, it WILL return to you from every person, place, situation and thing to which you have sent it.

Oh the glory of the Great Harvest when all the Higher Light that you have captured and shared with all life returns to you. It is within that NOW that you will become what you have collected and shared.

Within that NOW, You will become LIGHT!


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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--- Orion Wars, Nora Herold August 2, 2016 (mp3 file) ---

Listening again and again and again,
For the incoming liquid light data to,
Enhance, nourish, embrace and rewrite DNA.

Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

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--- Living from your Core (Arcturians, Suzanne Lie) ---


Living From Your Core

We, the Arcturians, wish to send you this Shipside Transmission of “Preparing for First Contact.” But, first, we wish to thank you for being such loyal Representatives for grounding the higher light into your Core, as well as in the Core of Gaia.

We begin this message by reminding you that as you move more and more into the frequency of the fifth dimension, the rule of, “What you think about, you bring about,” becomes increasingly powerful. Your third dimensional life has taught you to “listen to others and gather your guidance from outside and/or above your self.”

It is the NOW for you to realize that YOU are the creator of your reality. We are fully aware of the massive challenge that it is the BE the Master of your Thoughts and Emotions.

The dark ones know that they have lost, so they are “pulling out all the stoppers” to create as much fear as possible. Just as when Hitler knew he had lost the war, he wanted to destroy all that he could. In the same manner, the dark ones want to create as much fear as they can in a desperate attempt to maintain their control.

Fear has always been the major tool of darkness because it lowers the consciousness of the ones who experience it. Then, because of their lower state of consciousness, they are more easily pulled deeper and deeper into the 3D Matrix.

The 3D Matrix is ruled by time, polarities, and “power OVER others.” However, these third dimensional expressions of reality do not adhere to a fifth dimensional state of consciousness.

Yes, this darkness may well invade your thoughts and emotions whenever your thoughts and emotions are directed towards fear, but once you “move the lever from fear to LOVE,” time, polarities and power-over fall from your “primary attention” and back into your third dimensional consciousness from which they arose.

Fear, polarities and power-over others are like viruses that you can “catch” when you go “out into the cold night” without the warmth of your own inner light. Your own INNER, inter-dimensional SELF serves as the protection from the OUTER “darkness” that is trying to sweep through your third and lower fourth dimensional realities.

We say, “trying to sweep through” because third dimensional darkness is bound to the lower frequencies of the third and fourth dimensions. Just as you may not see a fish in the sky or a bird in the water, you will not see one who is ruled by darkness living in the light. However, some fish do fly and some birds do swim. Therefore, please remember that it is never too late for one who has become trapped in the darkness to find their way into the light.

Yes, more and more of the younger members of the Illuminati, or whatever term is used for the “servants of the dark,” are remembering how to master their emotions enough to FEEL the difference between that which resonates to “power over” as opposed to that which resonates to “power within.”

Many of the members of “the lost ones” were once members of the light, but many of them became lost in the darkness. Conversely, some of them became lost in that darkness in their Homeworld long before they even experienced Earth.

These are the ones who came to Earth long before the fall of Atlantis with the intention of gaining “power over” the earliest humans by genetically engineering them to serve as their minions.

In fact, they came to Earth to enter Gaia’s “third dimensional, planetary matrix” because it is based on separation of polarities, such as the polarities of “good” vs “bad.” Fortunately, this planetary matrix also carries the operating system for “free will” and separation of polarities so that the light could find some refuge from the dark.

However, because of these polarities, your earthly thinking can easily fall into “the good ones did this,” and “the bad ones did that,” as Gaia’s 3D Matrix separates the “good ones” and “bad ones.”

Often the “good ones—Service to Others” may think they are “bad,” where as the “bad ones—Service to Self” may think that they are “good.” This switching and merging of third dimensional polarities is creating rifts in the 3D Matrix through which the increasing fifth dimensional light can more easily enter into Gaia’s planet.

Fifth dimensional light resonates beyond Earth’s operating system of “time,” which creates “space” in between “separate places, concepts, choices and perceptions.”

Therefore, as the fifth dimensional light increasingly merges with Gaia’s 3D Matrix, it is transmuting Her third/fourth dimensional matrix into higher and higher frequencies. In fact, there are areas of Gaia that are beginning to transmute into the resonance of the fifth dimension.

It is also helpful that Gaia’s core, has been fifth dimensional since the ascended Lemurians, and later the ascended Atlantians, decided to create their “New World” in the core of Gaia. Most planets maintain their highest resonance of life within their planetary Core.

Gaia was once surrounded by a protective mantel, so Her planetary inhabitants could safely live on the outer surface of Earth. Unfortunately, that Mantel was destroyed early in Earth’s history. Since, then, life has been difficult for your dear planet.

Earth eventually became totally third dimensional, and times were hard not only on Gaia’s land, but in Her water, Her atmosphere, and even the light of the Sun was tainted by Her polluted atmosphere. In fact, pollution increasingly collected on all Her elementals of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These elementals are the building blocks of all life on Earth, including human life.

Therefore, as the resonance of the elementals that had once resonated to the fifth dimension dropped into the lower resonance of the third and fourth dimension, Gaia slipped deeper and deeper into the myriad illusions of the third dimension.

As the illusions of separation, hard work, war and “power over others’ filled Gaia’s third dimensional civilizations, the fourth dimension became increasingly tainted by black magic and the dark thoughts and emotions of the “laggards” that Gaia had lovingly allowed another chance to live on Her planet.

These dark ones returned Gaia’s kindness by joining what you now call the Illuminati. The Illuminati is like a computer virus that invades the operating systems of every one who allows their thoughts, emotions, and energy fields to fall into the lower fourth dimension.

Then, because the “virus infected them,” they lost control of their “free will,” which was one of the major benefits of taking an incarnation on Earth. This mental virus of the Illuminati moved into the brain of the effected one and turned off all synapses that are formatted for the purpose of “service to others.”

It was in that manner that the dark ones altered the “human operating system of many who had once lived by “service to others” and altered their operating system into the format for “service to self.”

Because of these alterations, so few could live a life of “service to others” that the operating system of “service to others: could not gain enough momentum to turn the key to ascension.

The reason why “service to others” could eventually gain the power to override, and eventually heal, the tainted operating systems of the human brain is because “service to others” can only occur when one has allowed their personal energy field to align with the energy fields of Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is an energy field that resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. Because of the high resonance of Unconditional Love, those who live within “service to self” are unable to perceive, or even imagine, that such a frequency exists.

They may have read about Unconditional Love in a book, or someone might have told them about it, but because of their great arrogance, they could not even begin to imagine that anything could be beyond their “power over others.”

These lost ones must hold tightly to the lies they have been taught and to the illusions they have created to hide their dark deeds. One might think they must hide in this manner because they are so evil.

The truth is, they must hide from the truth because they ALL, even the darkest of the dark, have a spark of Unconditional Love within the core of their Three Fold Flame within their High Heart.

“How can they have a High Heart?” you may ask. The answer is because they have chosen to wear a human form, and all human forms have chakras and High Hearts. It is built into the operating system of the physical form.

Therefore, if the dark ones are to wear a physical form, they must suffer the constant “pull of conscience” that hides within the ATMA of their High Heart, which holds their personal portal of Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love serves as a portal of light that connects humanity to the higher dimensions. It is this connection that allows the zygote to become a fetus, the fetus to become a human, and the human to be born from the mother and into the third dimensional world.

You see, the Illuminati greatly fear the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension, as on some unconscious, or conscious, level they remember existing in the Lower Astral Plane, also known as HELL, after the “death” of their other incarnations.

This memory is kept alive in their conscious mind via the Unconditional Love within their High Heart. “How can the memory of the Lower Astral Plane be stored in the High Heart?” you may ask.

The answer is that ALL memories of your third/fourth lives are stored within your High Heart, because it is the Alpha and Omega of all your incarnations on Earth. Also, if you are to expand your consciousness into the NOW of the fifth dimension, you must consciously perceive, heal and release all third/fourth dimensional wounds from ALL of your incarnations.

“That is impossible!” we hear you say.

“Yes, it is impossible if you try to attempt this self-healing while in third/fourth dimensional state of consciousness.”

“Wait a minute,” we hear you argue. “How can we heal our self within the state of the fifth dimensional consciousness when we can only remember how to perceive the third/fourth dimension?”

“The answer to this question, dear Ones, is that if you expand your consciousness to the highest frequency portions of your third/fourth dimensional thoughts and emotions and say… “I AM HERE in Service to Gaia,” you will begin to consciously recognize, remember and accept the promise and responsibility that you accepted before you took this incarnation.

The acceptance of your pre-birth promise, as well as the acceptance of the responsibility that this promise holds, you will feel so strong within your SELF that you will be able to “LET GO” of lower dimensional encumbrances and accept the inflow of Unconditional Love and Higher Dimensional Light.

Do not be concerned if you do not consciously experience the Unconditional Love and Higher Dimensional Light. Many of you have been told by others, and/or have told your self, that you do not deserve the Higher Light and Unconditional Love.

Hence, this love and light must enter into your innocent child and slowly progress through your awareness until it gently caresses the conscious awareness of your adult. Then one day, or one moment, you will consciously experience the Light and Love that you promised yourself before you took this incarnation.

Do NOT break this promise from your SELF to your self. Instead, we ask you to remember that the gift of Unconditional Love and Higher Light is your birthright.

Because you asked for this gift before you took this incarnation, you have unconsciously told your self that you deserve this gift as your birthright. Please be kind and patient with your self. Life on third dimensional Earth during your era of “time/space” has been very difficult and unbelievably cruel.

Many of our beloved “Volunteers to Earth” have been broken down by the cruelty of your era and have lost connection with their SELF. The many challenges of just surviving within the “darkest night that is just before dawn” has been difficult for all of our brave ones who have volunteered to take an earth vessel.

Yes, dear volunteers to assist dear Gaia and Her inhabitants, you are NOW within the “darkest night just before dawn.” Most important is that YOU remember that you are, also, the Heralds of that DAWN.

As you release the lies that have hidden you from your real SELF, your innate inner Lightbody will begin to awaken and slowly rise up your Kundalini. In other words, the “mystical marriage” of Lady Shakti and Lord Shiva will commence. Then, the force of your rising Kundalini will guide Lady Shiva to her Mystical Marriage with Lord Shiva in your Temple of Inner Light.

As this marriage re-unites and merges the energy fields of all your Chakra Systems, your innate Power Within from your Root Chakra to your Crown Chakra will begin its process of awakening into your daily life.

As you feel the energy fields of your body begin to shift and sway, you will more easily “Fall into the Flow” of your fifth dimensional Life Force, as it seeks its reunion with the fifth dimensional light that is increasingly entering the atmosphere of Gaia.

The more deeply you are grounded within the fifth dimensional Core of Gaia, the more you will consciously perceive the Higher Light, and the more “Awake and Aware” you will be of your ongoing process of “Returning to your SELF.”

As you progress within your “return to SELF,” you will have more “peak experiences,” your dreams will become more vivid, and your imagination will guide you deeper and deeper into the fifth dimensional energy fields.

If you take a moment of your 3D time/space to recognize that YOU have reached the next octave of ‘self recognition,’ your consciousness will begin its expansion from the higher fourth and into the fifth dimension.

If you wish to “plug in this moment to better remember it,” be sure to share your gift of Higher Light with Gaia and with ALL Life on the body of Her Earth. Since the operating system for the third/fourth dimension is based on space/time you will need to repeat your “marriage” until you return to your NOW of the fifth dimension.

Once you have completed your shift from Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional operating system, and have fully aligned your consciousness to Her fifth dimensional operating system, you will be free of separation, opposites and the polarities of light and dark.

You will exist within the HERE of the NOW in which there is NO time and NO space.

Your life will not gradually get “better,” as YOU gradually become fifth dimensional because, you are Infinitely within the NOW of the fifth dimensional experience, while you are simultaneously the YOU on third dimensional Earth who is creating/remembering your return to SELF.

From your fifth dimensional perspective, you did not return, as you never left. You did not leave your fifth dimensional self. Instead, you allowed your fifth dimensional consciousness to expand into a third dimensional Earth Vessel.

Nevertheless, your Earth Vessel is/was bound by time/space and could not even imagine that the higher dimensional being to whom it called for guidance, understanding and love was a higher frequency of your self.

Please remember that YOU cannot leave the fifth dimension to come down into the third dimension, because there is NO time in the fifth dimension in which you could “go through the process of leaving—or returning to—the fifth dimension.”

You ARE a fifth dimensional being who has chosen to wear the Illusion of being a third dimensional being, who came to Gaia to share your innate frequency of fifth dimensional light with ALL life, including the lost ones within the Illuminati.

Hence, we ask that you send the Higher Light and Unconditional Love to the Illuminati. Some will ignore it, but more and more of them are accepting your free gift of light and love.
Why are they doing so?
Because they are just as tired of the darkness, just as you are!

It is the NOW.

Blessings from the Arcturians.


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Vers l'Infini et au-delà...
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--- Transmutation of Illusion (Suzanne Lie) ---

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze, the Violet Fire
Transmuting ALL Shadow into
Light, Light, Light! (St Germain)

A message from Archangel Zadkiel, through Suzanne Lie...

Greetings, dear grounded ones who have volunteered to assist in clearing the lower astral plane. I AM Zadkiel the Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Transmutation. I AM here within your NOW to speak with you about the transmutation of illusion.

Does your third dimensional life appear to be falling apart? If so, we say, “Thank you!” because you are among those who have volunteered to assist with the clearing of the Lower Astral Plane.

The Lower Astral Plane is the lowest frequency of the fourth dimension, as well as the “hiding place” of the Archon Groups who are finally losing their planned hostile, takeover of your dear Gaia. In other words, you, our volunteers for the Light, are spending many of your nights in combat against the forces of darkness.

This “conflict” is coming into your physical life to remind you that it is the NOW to Release ALL illusion. Remember, Dear Warriors for the Light, your enemy is NOT the third-dimensional dark ones, as their frequency is much lower than your frequency.

These “puppet masters” of the dark ones, who are now trapped in the Lower Astral Plane, are NOT your enemy. In fact, they cannot even perceive you through your shield of higher dimensional light.

I, Zadkiel, am within your NOW to remind you that it is only a third dimensional illusion that any person, place, situation, or thing could have power over you. It is a third dimensional illusion that any person, place, situation, or thing can trap you in whatever “3D drama” your process of ascension is revealing in your current NOW.

You, our beloved Representatives for the Light, are experiencing “the death of illusion.”
Of course, it is not the death of all illusion, but it is the death of any illusions that you created in order to survive the lies and deceit of your current third dimensional reality.

We, the members of your Galactic and Angelic Family, are HERE within your NOW to remind you that WE are always with you. In other words, you are NEVER alone. We, your higher expressions of SELF, are ALWAYS with you.

Your third dimensional vision may not be able to perceive us, but if you tune into your body, you will feel the Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love that we, your higher expressions of SELF, are constantly sending into your physical earth vessel.

If you relax deeply into your physical form and focus on your spinal column, you will eventually become aware of the Force of Kundalini that is working its way up your spinal column.

When this Force of Kundalini rises all the way into your Pineal Gland, it will totally activate your higher perceptions of:

·      Clairsentience, to allow you to consciously FEEL the higher dimensional realities that are swirling around and through your aura…
·      Clairvoyance, to allow you to consciously SEE the higher dimensional realties that continually dance around in and flowing through your aura…
·      Clairaudience, to allow you to hear the messages that are flowing into and through your High Heart and Multidimensional Mind…

We, all of your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, ask you ALL to relax into the knowing that our messages are of the Truth. We are saying to all of you that YOU are consciously, or unconsciously, accepting, connecting, intertwining, and merging with your True, Multidimensional SELF.

Therefore, you are all beginning to perceive the myriad illusions that you created in order to give service to a reality filled with lies, illusions, fearful messages, and the deep longing to return HOME to your SELF.

What we say to ALL of you is that your SELF is returning HOME into Your Physical Earth Vessel. “How can that be?” we hear you ask. “How can my wounded, frightened, over worked and tired earth vessel accept our immense, multidimensional light?”

Our beloved Warriors for the Light, we know that you tire of this “battle with the invisible.” Therefore, we remind you that there is also:

Invisible Support,
Unconditional Love
And Violet Fire
Constantly surrounding your third/fourth dimensional aura.

We, your Angelic and Galactic Family, lovingly request that you allow yourself to consciously perceive and accept your fifth dimensional, and beyond, Qualities of the Divine.

“Yeh, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I fear no evil for Thou art with me!” is a call for comfort that one of our beloved Ascended Masters cried out into the dark night.

We invite you to look into your heritage, your past for this incarnation, as well as into your future SELF, to gain a mantra that you can repeat within your mind and store within your heart as YOU walk through whatever darkness that you are now transmuting into Light, Light, Light.

Our beloved St. Germain reminds you of the powerful transmutational energy field that is created by saying:
Blaze, Blaze, Blaze, the Violet Fire
Transmuting ALL Shadow into
Light, Light, Light!

We also hear the suggestion of our beloved Archangel Michael reminding you to unsheathe your Blue Sword from your High Heart and use it to clear and protect your aura.

Point your Blue Sword above your head and pull it down across your body as you face the North, then turn to the East, the South, and West.

With each turn of your body, and clearing of your Blue Sword, pause with your Blue Sword facing downward into Gaia to share your healing force with Gaia’s planetary body.

Now that you have called on the immense power of the Seventh Ray’s Beloved St. Germain, as well as the immense power of the First Ray’s Archangel Michael, the Quality of Each of the Seven Rays of Light will be re-ignited within your aura.

The First Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner Quality of Power.

The Second Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner Quality of Wisdom.

The Third Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner Quality of Love.

The Fourth Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner quality of Purity.

The Fifth Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner quality of Truth.

The Sixth Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner quality of Invocation.

The Seventh Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner quality of Precipitation.

For more information about the Seven Rays, please see the two previous messages:
HERE  and   HERE

Each ONE of you possesses ALL of these Inner Rays of Light. This inner light is your “sword and shield” as you confront the challenges that the ever-increasing light is revealing within The NOW of your inner and outer transmutation.

We remind you that YOU are both your INNER and your OUTER self.

It is your Inner Self that will guide you Home when it is your NOW for your “return to SELF.” In the meantime, your third/fourth dimensional earth vessel will assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension by grounding all your multidimensional experiences into the Core of Gaia’s planetary body.

Those of you who have volunteered to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension often visit the core of Gaia, as well as your Starship, on a regular basis. YOU are the “Inter-dimensional Representatives for Gaia.” Your alphabetic title is “IRG,” which is often pronounced as “urge.”

This is an appropriate name as it notes the “inner urge” that you, our inter-dimensional representatives, have. You have an inner drive to assist with Planetary Ascension. You have an inner drive to share your process with others.

And, also you have an inner drive to assist other human, as well as non-human, members of Gaia’s great planet to flow into their process of ascension. You are the “Service to Others” grounded ones who unselfishly share your time and energy to first…

Go inside your SELF to receive your inner guidance…
Then, put this Inner Guidance into Outer Action…

We, the members of your Galactic and Angelic Family, thank you and honor you for finding your inner courage to face your NOW of great change.

We are aware that change has often been one of humanities greatest fears. Therefore, we, the higher expressions of your Multidimensional Self, say:

We Bless and Guide you as you create, receive and perform your
“Reason for Incarnation.”

I Zadkiel recommend that you call for Inter-dimensional Assistance by saying,
“I AM ready to receive my Mission Statement to assist with Planetary Ascension.”

Then, wait in patience and unconditional love. Soon, a soft breeze, a sudden streak of light, a long forgotten memory, or a peace within your body and/or the rise of your Kundalini, will whisper into your Soul.

Listen to Gaia, Listen to the Sky, the Sun, the Moon, a smile from your baby or a wag of your dog’s tail. Listen to the birds in the trees and the insects that buzz around your flowers. In fact, listen to the flowers, the lawn, and a nearby tree.

As you listen to these representatives of Gaia, you will begin to hear your SELF because YOU are Gaia and Gaia is YOU. As people and planet become ONE, there will be NO force strong enough to interfere with Gaia’s promise to reveal “Heaven on Earth.”

It is Gaia’s promise to all who can calibrate their consciousness to encompass dear, planet Earth, that People and Planet will become ONE, fifth dimensional Being of Light. We the Angels, Ascended Masters, and your Galactic Family serve as ONE being to support Gaia in Her promise.

Archangel Zadkiel.


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Vers l'Infini et au-delà...
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--- Being Emissaries of Light (Arcturians through Suzanne Lie) ---

"Vous habitez au sein du chaos,
Car vous êtes les signes avant-coureur..."


Dr. Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians host a 2-part webinar series in which we gather as leaders and wayshowers to understand the shifts that are occurring within ourselves and our lives as we recognize and release all illusions. Together we will explore what this means for each of us since we are all unique.

We will evolve together into our new operating systems and align our efforts to those in support of planetary ascension. Being Emissaries of Light means that we embody the shifts into the unknown within this NOW so we can serve as role models and guide those who are ready.

“You are in the chaos because you are the harbingers. You are the ones who chose in your birth contract to be amongst the first ones to be aware of the great transition in the frequency of reality. This transition is one that will be recognized in stages. There will be the first ones to recognize it, and they will be the ones who are the teachers who will help others recognize it, and so on.

The first ones to awaken need to keep moving their consciousness into this new reality that is not bound by time and space. It has a completely different operating system of being one in the NOW and the here. The first ones will be busily figuring out this operating system and translating it into a manner in which they can share it with the next ones. There is a whole process of facing, accepting, learning, sharing, and teaching the unknown.”


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

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--- Arcturians through Suzanne Lie ---

Irradiez, Irradiez, Irradiez,
La Flamme Violette,
Transmutant Toutes Ombres En,
Lumière, Lumière, Lumière !
(St Germain)

On pourra utiliser cette invocation comme un mantra, un outil utile pour naviguer en cette semaine (et sans doute les semaines et mois à venir) pour le moins troublée et trouble où se déchaînent de façon régulière les forces obscures d'un monde ancien qui n'en finit pas de s'éteindre et de glisser irrémédiablement dans quelques ténèbres extérieures et autres basses dimensions.

Nous assistons en ce moment à une exacerbation de polarité qui voit "le pouvoir sur les autres" (power over others) prendre peur et lutter avec la plus extrême et dernière vigueur en découvrant "le pouvoir intérieur" (power within) se déployer doucement et avec grâce.

Nous sommes le futur, les êtres souverains en devenir qui apprennent à embrasser toutes choses, clignotant et rayonnant de plus en plus cette lumière, cette joie et cet amour que nous sommes depuis toute éternité.

Réjouissances, car c'est une toute première pour l'espèce humaine sur cette planète.


Blaze, Blaze, Blaze,
The Violet Fire,
Transmuting All Shadow Into,
Light, Light, Light!
(St Germain)

This Is A NOW of Great Flux ~ Dr. Suzanne Lie & The Arcturians

Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

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--- The Pleiadians through Nora Herold (November 22, 2016) ---


"Nous savons que cela semble être un processus sans fin pour beaucoup d'entre vous, mais il vient le moment où vous manifestez physiquement le changement que vous avez déjà atteint dans le champ/chant décisif de votre conscience, et votre monde apparaîtra soudainement beaucoup plus lumineux qu'il ne l'était un instant auparavant. Continuez de maintenir votre haut niveau de fréquence et d'existence dans l'instant présent pour aider à cet accomplissement." Les Pléiadiens.

"We know, it seems endless to so many of you. But there will come a moment when you physically manifest the shift you've already achieved in your critical mass consciousness, and your world will suddenly look much brighter than it did the moment before. Continue to hold your higher vibrational state of being in your current now moment to facilitate that end." The Pleiadians


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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--- A Message from Archangel Zadkiel through Suzanne Lie ---

"Then, just as a dry leaf cannot survive the flame of a fire; the 3D Matrix cannot survive the frequency of Gaia’s expanding spirit. Therefore, the 3D Matrix is being released from Gaia’s Earth and being moved to a lower dimensional location to house those who still resonate to the frequency of the third dimension.

The Lost Ones are beginning to realize that if they wish to have a format on which they can attach their wilting life force, they will need to “lift off” with the 3D Matrix. The Matrix is lifting off from the body of Gaia and being transported to encircle another, lower frequency, planet, moon, or asteroid."


Opening your Spirit to Unconditional Love

Blessings, I am Archangel Zadkiel,

I come to you today through your Third Eye and High Heart to remind you all that your Third Eye and High Heart can identify and see through EVERY third dimensional “false flag” and “projected illusion.”

As the Dark Ones become increasingly desperate, they will stop at nothing to maintain the Power Over Others that they have gained through the fear that they have created through the power of fearful illusions that they have created.

However, what the Dark Ones cannot realize is that many of those who were once within the clutches of their fearful illusions have expanded their consciousness enough to be able to differentiate between an illusion from an actual reality.

I, Zadkiel, will NOW share how your expanded consciousness allows you to differentiate between that which is a holographic projection and that which is third or fourth and/or fifth dimensional reality that has been created by the unified, collective consciousness of the members of each of the frequencies of reality.

First I will remind you there are actually two versions of Earth. One is the 3D Matrix to which the “Power Over Others” groups are limited, and the other version of Earth is the actual planetary body of Gaia, which can only be perceived by those who live by the laws of “Power Within One's SELF.”

Power within one's SELF is a higher fourth and fifth dimensional concept that those who live via “power over others” think of as a foolish idea. “How could we control those who have found their power within?” asks the Power Over Others group.

The answer to that question is that they cannot control those who have found their innate power within. It is for that reason that the “lost ones/ the Illuminati” have created many holographic projections that appear to be totally real to the vision of those still limited to their third dimensional perceptions.

Those who have maintained and/or remembered their fourth dimensional consciousness will be able to “remember dreams in which the dark is trying to dominate the light.” They may also gain information during their meditative experiences that reminds that, even though the third/fourth dimensional versions of “life on Earth” are still running, there is another reality flickering at the edge of their awareness. Within this “other” reality, Earth is transmuting into Her fifth dimensional expression.

Those who are still bound to the 3D Matrix, which has served as a frequency net to limit Gaia’s planetary consciousness to the third/fourth dimensions, are incapable of even conceiving that any reality can resonate to the fifth dimension in which space/time is obsolete and all life resonates to the consciousness of HERE and NOW.

Fortunately, more and more humans are expanding their consciousness, and hence their perceptual field, to encompass the ability to differentiate the difference between a holographic projection and an actual, living reality in which the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water have merged to create life-forms that can accept the Light of Spirit.

The main difference between a true reality and a holographic reality is Spirit. A hologram is much like a puppet. A puppet appears to be real, but if you observe that puppet through your Third Eye and/or High Heart, you will know that that “puppet” has NO spirit.

In the same manner, a holographic projection has no spirit. Much like a puppet, a holographic projection has a “puppet master” that tells the puppet what to say or do. In the same manner, the Dark Ones are guided by their invisible “puppet master” that tells them what to do and when to do it.

One of the things that the Dark Ones have done has been to create holographic projections that intermingle with the third dimensional physical reality. Some components of the disaster of 9-11 are an example of this type of intermingling.

The lost ones, or some may call them the dark ones, cannot differentiate between a holographic projection and an actual reality because they have denied themselves the integration of their own spirit.

Hence, they have no idea that there are humans who can use their innate spiritual powers to differentiate between a holographic and a true, reality. Since these lost ones have no spirit within themselves, they cannot perceive spirit in other beings, or even in other realities.

On the other hand, our volunteers to Earth, meaning those of you who volunteered to leave your higher dimensional Starship or Homeworld in order to take a physical earth vessel on third, fourth dimensional Earth, can easily perceive the frequency of people and situations by observing the percentage of spirit that flows into and through each person, place or thing.

I, Zadkiel, invite you to use your ever-expanding memory to recall a time when you perceived an airplane flying when it was filled with humans. Remember “spirit” in this case does not mean “spiritual.” The “spirit” that I AM speaking of here is the “life force of spirit” that was every human’s first breath when you were born.

Many of you, our grounded ones, have been able to maintain that feeling of spiritual guidance throughout your life. Now, use your imagination, which is fifth dimensional thought, to perceive the “false flag” incidents that have been occurring within your last few decades.

Many of you have wondered why you have doubted that these events were “real.” However, you dared not talk to too many people about your doubts for fear they would think you are “weird.”

However, it is the fact that you are weird, strange, bizarre, and/or peculiar, that allows you to differentiate between real situations that are filled with the spirit of the humans who experienced them and “false flag” holographic projection situations” that are devoid of any “feeling of spirit.”

The dark ones, who created these fearful holographic projections, have lost their own spirit because of lives of “power over others” and “service to self.” Therefore, they cannot differentiate between a holographic projection and a true reality that have been given life via the “first breath of spirit.”

I, Archangel Zadkiel, have been chosen to inform you that the Lost Ones are planning to create more holographic projections with the intention of creating more fear. The Lost Ones, also known as the Illuminati, are very concerned because they are losing control over the very 3D Matrix, the third dimension frequency net, that they created.

They created a 3D Matrix, which serves as a frequency net to assist them to project their fearful illusions into the third and lower fourth dimensions of the humanity’s Earth reality. Unfortunately for the Lost Ones, more and more humans are “logging out” of the 3D Matrix and expanding their consciousness to embrace the fifth dimensional “Spirit” of Gaia.

“How are we logging out?” I hear you ask. The answer is that YOU, the ascending humans, are consciously, or unconsciously, choosing to merge your consciousness with Gaia to better share your spiritual essence with Mother Earth.

You can best share your human spirit with Gaia by sending Her Unconditional Love. Gaia will and does embrace your human spirit and thankfully uses the power of your spirit to heal Her extremely, wounded planet.

Because of your commitment to share your ever-expanding Spirit with Gaia’s elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, you are logging out of the 3D Matrix and sharing your spiritual life force with the physical body of Gaia’s Earth.

Because of your great contribution, not only is Gaia able to heal many of the wounds that humanity has inflicted onto Her planetary body, but She is also growing strong enough to eject the 3D Matrix from Her planetary body.

Then, just as a dry leaf cannot survive the flame of a fire; the 3D Matrix cannot survive the frequency of Gaia’s expanding spirit. Therefore, the 3D Matrix is being released from Gaia’s Earth and being moved to a lower dimensional location to house those who still resonate to the frequency of the third dimension.

The Lost Ones are beginning to realize that if they wish to have a format on which they can attach their wilting life force, they will need to “lift off” with the 3D Matrix. The Matrix is lifting off from the body of Gaia and being transported to encircle another, lower frequency, planet, moon, or asteroid.

This information may seem very unusual to many of you, but more and more of Gaia’s human inhabitants are realizing that something is very different. The animals, birds, insects, fish and other members of Gaia’s Earth, are well aware of the great change that is occurring.

Communicating via separate words being strung together to create a communication does not encumber these non-human members of Earth. Instead, the non-human beings on Earth never conceived themselves as being “separate” from Earth. Therefore, their animal “spirit” is in constant communication with Gaia’s planetary spirit.

Fortunately, more and more humans are “returning to the land” and living from what they grow on the land. This expanding trend is occurring because the 3D Operating System, which was largely created and ruled by the Laggards, Dark Ones and/or Illuminati who had made their own homeworld uninhabitable and came to Earth long ago.

For eons, these lost ones ruled Gaia’s Earth, but NOW the Spirit of the Higher Light is flowing into Gaia’s planet. This Higher Light is awakening humanity to the extent that more and more humans are remembering their true, Multidimensional SELF.

As humans remember that their essence is NOT limited to their third dimensional earth vessel, they regain the inner-power of their Spirit that had become lost to them during their many incarnations of “looking UP” to communicate with Spirit.

As you, our dear volunteers to take an earth vessel within this NOW, remember to “look IN” to communicate with Spirit, you will discover your innate Wisdom, Power, and Love.

Your innate Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love will guide you to easily differentiate between the illusions of the 3D Matrix and the Truth that is stored within the Core of Gaia. As you remember to look IN, rather than UP for your personal, higher guidance, you will also remember to look IN to the Core of the planet to communicate with Gaia.

The Dark Ones created “religions” in which “GOD” was far away UP in the sky. People had to “go to a church” and talk to a trained human in order to communicate with this separate God that was far away. Then, humanity began to believe that GOD was UP above them, rather than deep with IN them.

Therefore, they served a superior God rather work with the ONE Spiritual Force that was the Core of ALL life. When God was far away in Heaven, humans could “get away with power-over-others.” In fact, most of the leaders were based on power-over-others.

Since people believed that “God” was far above them and had power over them,” they accepted that they were weak and needed a “bigger person” to guide them. However, it is the NOW for humanity to remember that their connection to the higher dimensions and spiritual guidance is not UP.

It is the NOW for humans to remember that ALL life is ONE. Therefore, humanity is ONE with GOD and ONE with EARTH. Consequently, to communicate with Spirit and/or to communicate with Earth, you will go with IN your SELF.

I, Zadkiel, am the Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Ascension. This ascension guides you beyond the illusions of the physical reality. The Seventh Ray is the Violet Ray of Transmutation. The difference between transmutation and change is that “change” can occur within the same frequency of reality as that which you are changing from.

On the other hand, transmutation is not just change. Transmutation is the ‘stepping up in frequency” of any person, place, situation or thing. One can change from one third/fourth dimensional house, job, desire, and/or communication, to another third dimensional situation and remain within the same time/space format.

However, when one transmutes a situation, place, or their self, they can remain in the same situation, but they will experience it from a higher frequency of perception.

Just as you have a better “lay of the land” from a mountain top than from a deep valley, you have a better perception of all the possible realities that YOU can create when your consciousness resonates with the fifth dimension and beyond, then when your consciousness is limited to the third dimension.

The “state of your consciousness” determines the frequency of your spirit to which you can attend, and the frequency of your spirit determines the frequency of reality to which you attend. Then, the reality that you perceive is the frequency of reality that you will experience.

Please remember that we are your Angelic and Galactic friends, family and guides, who resonate beyond your third dimensional time and space. Therefore, we are always available within the NOW of our ONE to assist you.

All you need “do” to call us is to open your spirit to our unconditional love,

Blessings from Archangel Zadkiel.


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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--- 2017 = 2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1 = A New Beginning (Arcturians - S.Lie)

Il est toujours inspirant, intéressant, nourrissant, rassurant, réjouissant et hautement réconfortant de savoir que s'établit constamment, et à chaque instant, un dialogue et un échange entre nous-mêmes, en tant qu'êtres humains (... en alignement plus ou moins conscient avec notre "Soi Supérieur", nous-mêmmes ancrés dans la 3D et écoutant les inflexions et ondulations de nos corps de lumière respectifs), avec possiblement quelques collectifs de dimensions supérieures.

En ce qui me concerne, le réveil, les premières heures du matin sont très régulièrement inspirantes, avec ce dialogue entre le corps humain ou "human suit", le soi supérieur et le corps de lumière en alignement et résonance de phase avec quelques collectifs, comme celui des Arcturiens particulièrement ici. Transference of light, échange de lumière, c'est-à-dire aussi, puisque c'est la même chose, de données, de pensées, de réalisations. Des mots, des pensées, des émotions, des images et des expressions qui me traversent régulièrement et qui se lisent de nouveau au fil des transmissions Arcturiennes délivrées par Suzanne Lie sur son site (le blog) (puisqu'il s'agit de ce collectif plus particulièrement ici).

Très, très cool. Very Happy

"Gaia needs your assistance to clear the fear, darkness, greed, power over others,
And almost constant energy fields of war from Her third dimensional planetary body,
As well as from Her fourth dimensional astral body."


As more of you remember how to consciously connect with your higher frequencies of SELF, you will instantly be able to perceive the “fear-based energy” on which these “power over others” messages are sent into your daily life.

What would occur if EVERY one of you remembered to send Unconditional Love to each of these messages, as well as Blaze, Blaze, Blaze them with Violet Fire?

You will soon find out the answer to that question because more and more of humanity is awakening to their Higher SELF. They may not be aware of the word “Higher SELF,” but they are realizing that there is a childlike victim self within them that they ready to release.

You are having these feelings because, for the first time in many millennia, the higher, fifth dimensional light is peaking through the darkness in Gaia’s aura that was created by those who lived via “power over others.”

For thousands of your earth years, the darkness has ruled Gaia. Many multidimensional being took bodies to remind humanity to live in Love and Light. Most of them suffered greatly and died young, but their message long outlasted their lifetime.


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

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--- The Vision Seekers (Arcturians through Suzanne Lie) ---

"It was then, that they realized that this composite formed a message—a Light Message. Within that NOW the Archangels entered the Vision Seekers' High Hearts, the Elohim surrounded their Multidimensional Minds, and the Ascended Masters filled their Expanded Voices with messages of love and light."


By the Archangels, the Elohim and the Ascended Masters.

Beloved Ones,

We come to you within the NOW to remind you that Gaia is ALIVE. Furthermore, we ask that, you, the awakened humans, pass on that information in any way that you can. 2017 is the year in which humans will remember that they are NOT just their earth bodies. In 2017, humans will begin to remember that Gaia is Living Being!

As humanity, “grows up” and releases their old self-absorbed nature, they will KNOW that Gaia is ALIVE. Then, will they change their behavior? Many, if not most, humans think that they are “just” visitors to Earth because they do not realize that humanity and Earth are ONE.

Therefore, they litter Gaia’s planet, murder Her plants and animals, and chop down Her magnificent trees. Would you chop down a tree in your neighbor’s yard? NO, your illusion is that the tree is “the neighbor’s tree.” However, you would be wrong in that assumption, as the tree is Gaia’s tree.

Would you throw your trash on the floor of your friend’s house that you were visiting? Your illusion is that it is “their” house. Would you boss around their children or yell at their pets? NO! You would be respectful for other human’s house and children. But how many humans are respectful for Gaia’s planetary home and Her multi-species children?

If you are reading this article, we know that we do not need to remind you that Gaia is Alive. However, we send this article out to those of you who will read it, so that YOU can send it on to others, who will send on to others, who may not know that Gaia is ALIVE.

In fact, Gaia is a living, intelligent, multidimensional being, just like the awakened humans. Do you see how much you have in common with Gaia? You breathe the same air, protect the same waters, enjoy the same mountains, and feel the warmth of the same deserts.

Too many members of humanity have forgotten, or never thought to realize, that Gaia is a living being. To many humans, Gaia is a “thing.” Therefore, these misinformed ones feel no obligation to thank their Hostess for allowing them to “stay in Gaia’s home.”

Deep inside, all humans know that Gaia is alive, but the “power over others” humans took the next step to have “power over the planet.” Do you see how “Power Over” Others is a need for those who cannot find their “Power Within”?

The Power Over people, are all victims of others who have “Power Over” them. Most of these dark ones were not born that way. They were indoctrinated to be that way. However, as Gaia’s frequency rises more and more into the fifth dimension, those that live via “Power OVER Others” will receive back the energy fields that they sent out.

Of course, it has always been that energy out eventually returns to the sender. However, “time” often made the return of that which was sent out, return long after it was sent out. Therefore, the sender did not have a sense of responsibility for the energy fields that their actions created.

Therefore, they did not have to take responsibility for what they had done. These adults were able to have power over others, and get away with it for longer than you would wish to know. However, that scenario is about to change.

As Gaia becomes more and more fifth dimensional, the “time” between what goes out and when it returns is becoming shorter and shorter. Eventually, all energy that is sent out will simultaneously be sent to the sender.

Gaia’s “energy out = energy back” operating system is much like a computer. It has no fear of consequences for actions, and no ability to change its own operating systems.

Long ago, the dark ones broke the code for “energy out = energy back” by implanting war, deaths, starvation and slaughter of land, animals and humans, that the original operating system crashed.

Because the “guardians of Gaia” were involved fighting wars, trying to stop wars, and taking bribes from the dark ones, they did not notice the great suffering that surrounded them. How did the Guardians become so corrupted? The answer is money and fear—money and fear—and more money and fear.

When they, as well as most of humanity, had no money (which was a creation of the dark ones) they were afraid for themselves and for their families. Then, because their consciousness was locked in fear, they could not find a solution.

Fear serves as a braking system for your consciousness. When you are afraid, your entire body goes on defense, and you forget about an effective offense. The warriors for Gaia have been finding effective offenses, but it often cost them their lives.

We want you to know that even though their death is tragic, they have planted the “Seed of Hope.” As long as there is even a Hope of changing their lives for the better, the Warriors for Gaia found the courage to support their planet.

Often, all they could do was to hide them from the Illuminati’s dark troupes, but at least the warriors survived to serve another day. Then, day after day, and many more days after days, they fought the fight for Truth and Justice against the Illuminati’s Lies and Injustice.

Gradually, something unique began to occur among the Protectors of Gaia. They began to see a reality that the dark ones could not even imagine. At first it was one person at a time that saw “the vision,” as it became to be known.

However, the first ones to perceive this new reality were concerned that they just saw an illusion, and others would laugh at them if they shared their visions. But eventually, a few people could not wait any longer and decided that they must share what they were seeing.

Then IT happened! When one person finally shared their experience, another person had the courage to share theirs, and then another person and yet another person. Gradually, many “puzzle pieces” of visions were grounded on Gaia’s land.

These puzzle pieces were only visible to the same people who had expanded their consciousness enough to see the first visions. Then, in order to make their vision very clear, they created pictures of what they saw in their hearts and minds.

These people became “The Visions Seekers,” who began to spur a sudden search for a vision within others. Eventually, all the Vision Seekers got the message to create a picture, model, musical piece, poem, and/or story about their Visions.

To everyone’s surprise, when they put their personal, physically manifested, visions into one huge collage of many expressions, every one could see the composite picture. You see, before the “puzzle pieces” were put together, everyone thought they were all separate pictures, of separate visions.

But, as all the different expressions were laid out into ONE expression, everyone realized that they were all seeing the same picture, but from their own “separate” perceptions.

When the pictures were no longer separate, all the “separate” perceptions flowed into the ONE picture of their ONE vision. It was then they realized that the pictures were formed by wavering layers of light flowing over, under, around, and through the composite expression.

It was then, that they realized that this composite formed a message—a Light Message. Within that NOW the Archangels entered the Vision Seekers' High Hearts, the Elohim surrounded their Multidimensional Minds, and the Ascended Masters filled their Expanded Voices with messages of love and light.

One by one, they began to speak. Then, just as they had merged into Unity Consciousness to create the collective message, their voices merged into Unity to create the light message that filled their individual, and united, Souls.

“Beloved ONES,” the message filled the air, the earth, as well as the Visions Seekers' thoughts and emotions. “Your time of being trapped within the illusion of a dense form is coming to its conclusion. It is the NOW for the full recognition that YOU are Beings of Light!

“Because your inner light is expanding, the Light can express your thoughts and emotions without the burden of a physical form. Furthermore, the light that continually moves through you carries messages that you know you must share.

Just as you each had your own picture, that merged to create a collective picture, your own light messages are merging together to create a collective light language message. We remind you, that YOU are “Messengers of Light!”

You will each receive your personal light message, which you will merge with the other personal light messages. This process is not about “should I?” or “Can I?” This process is about recognizing the Light Language that is embedded in your daily 3D messages.

Of course, at first, you must learn/remember how to recognize the Light Language that is quietly embedded in your daily life. You may not recognize it yet because you forgot how to speak Light Language during your many physical embodiments on 3D Earth.

Many of you have been in “active duty” serving Mother Gaia. Hence, you have taken earth vessels on many different timelines of Gaia’s long service as a third dimensional planet.

Now, you are remembering your true, Multidimensional SELF who is also wearing an earth vessel. If you fully remember your Multidimensional SELF, while still wearing your earth vessel, you will move into, and through, your ascension process.

We have been concerned for our friends and family who have volunteered to take an earth vessel, but NOW the tide has turned. You are remembering that YOU are Light. Thus, you see light, you hear light, and speak light.

This light is not bound by time, or space. In fact, it is the very multidimensional light that first assisted you to unite in the unity consciousness, which began your “great adventure.” The lowest frequency of this light is the fifth dimension.

Hence, this light, and light language, resonates to the NOW of the ONE. It is the connection of the “timeless NOW” which merges the many dimensions and frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF into the ONE of your NOW.

It is this higher dimensional light that blends your Multidimensional Mind with your Throat, and your High Heart. Via this connection you will quickly, or slowly, depending on your choice, begin to remember how to speak and understand Light Language.

It will take courage to remember the Light Language of your Multidimensional SELF, as that memory will place you within a transmutation that is beyond anything that you have ever experienced in any of your incarnations on Gaia.

One of the major problems, that the Ascending Ones will face, is their modesty. Their modesty will tell them, “You are so conceited! Who do you think you are? Besides, if you act like your real SELF, people will think you are weird and not want to be around you.”

This is when you must pull your wounded past into your heart to be healed by the Archangels. You likely have a special Archangel that has always been with you, but you may not have dared to tell any one, but people whispered about their “Guardian Angel.”

Allow your self to continue remembering that you are a Multidimensional Being who is NOT limited to a humanoid shape. You have likely had many different shapes, as well as earth vessels that you have taken during your many incarnations on Gaia. You may also remember the form of your fifth dimensional Self on your Galactic Starship, and/or on your Homeworld.

It is the NOW for ALL of you to remember the many other expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. Than you can merge all your multidimensional expressions of SELF into ONE being so that you can greatly enhance your Power of Unconditional Love and Transmutation.

Please remember that “transmutation” is not the same as “transformation.” With transformation new elements and elementals, thoughts and emotions are added to a seemingly third dimensional experience in order to “push your consciousness over the edge" into the fifth dimensional NOW.

When you transmute your vessel, you don’t add anything. Instead, you use the Violet Fire of Transmutation to Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire into Light, Light, Light! In this manner you actually expand the resonance, the vibrational frequency, of your body to resonate to the frequency rate of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Blessings to all our dear Vision Seekers, and please remember that what you SEEK is what you will FIND. Therefore, seek inside your self to find Your SELF!


Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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--- Suzanne Lie & Sharman the Pleiadian ---

Light Partners with Nature

And the last paper with other data on :

Adonai de la Source Première.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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--- Finding the Calm in the Midst of Chaos (Galactic Family through Sue Lie) ---

Encore une fois, et de façon régulière et en fait systématique, les collectifs Pléiadiens et Arcturiens.... parlent ici des sujets et de la situation qui nous occupent et préoccupent plus ou moins fortement et "durement" en ces temps d'Apocalypse, en ces temps de vision claire. Le côté obscur de la force frappe de façon redoublée et de manière quasi forcenée par moments, en ces temps de transition où nous quittons définitivement l'ancien monde de la peur et du pouvoir sur l'autre pour un environnement de plus en plus ouvert, libre et en expansion (power within).

La Joie/Amour ou la Peur,
Les Ténèbres ou la Lumière,
La 3D & Basse 4D (low astral) ou la 5D,
Le département de la réincarnation et de la mort,
Ou le déploiement des ailes de la multidimensionnalité.

Il faut choisir....   Very Happy


Please remember that chaos always precedes change, as you must dis-articulate the third-dimensional matrix that allows the chaos to attach to the consciousness of those still trapped in the 3D matrix.

The United States, which was meant to be the flash point of planetary ascension, is now in great chaos. Within that chaos, those who seek power over others move forward to have their last stand against the oncoming Light that only those who have found their own Power Within will discover.

The Power Over Others is battling those who live by their own power within. Power Over Others has no spiritual support, as it goes against Gaia’s innate fifth-dimensional consciousness. Those who live by Power Within are free of the 3D matrix, and in the ongoing process of their consciousness merging with their fifth-dimensional and multi-dimensional SELF.

On the other hand, the Power Over Others can only merge with the 3D matrix and the Lower Astral Plane. The 3D Matrix and the lower, fourth-dimensional Astral Plane are only connected to Gaia via the 3D Matrix.
This 3D Matrix was constructed to stabilize Gaia after the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis nearly caused Her to fall off Her planetary axis.

This 3D Matrix served to assist Gaia’s healing in the same manner that a cast on a human’s broken arm assists with the healing of that arm. However, if a human breaks their arm and wears their cast long after their arm is healed, it would greatly endanger the future health of that arm.

In the same manner, Gaia’s body has been healed enough that She no longer needs that 3D matrix to “catch her” before she falls off of her assigned position of orbit around the Sol, the Sun.

Due to the wonderful assistance that Gaia has received from her sister planet Venus, as well as her Galactic Family of the Council of the Pleiadians, Sirians and the Arcturians, Gaia is healed enough now to release her 3D matrix and to return to the frequency of her fifth dimensional Planetary Self.

However the Power Over Others Illuminati, who were largely responsible for Gaia’s initial injury, are fighting to retain the 3D matrix. They know that Gaia’s innate fifth-dimensional frequency is too high for them to maintain their attachment to and power over Gaia’s third-dimensional version of reality.

Because those who live by Power Over Others can only adhere to Gaia’s Third and Lower Astral Plane, they are spewing fear and power over others into the third-dimensional matrix, which is the only area of Gaia that they can control.

Meanwhile, despite the efforts of the dark ones, or you could call them the lost ones, it is the now for the expansion for Gaia’s frequency rate to increase into the resonance of the fifth-dimension. We will now take a moment to share with you what we mean by “the resonance of the fifth-dimension.”

Each dimension of Gaia has an innate oscillation of protons and electrons. The third dimensional matrix created an energy field around Gaia to dampen Gaia’s fall from her innate multi-dimensional matrix into her third-dimensional matrix.

In this manner the third-dimensional matrix served as a “frequency net” so that Gaia would not fall into any frequency lower than the third-dimension. However, Gaia’s “fall” disconnected Her planetary connection to Her innate multidimensional planetary self.

As Gaia’s frequency became lower and lower, many of Her fifth-dimensional portals closed, as they could not function in such a low resonance. These portals were very important, because it was through these portals that the full force of multidimensional light could enter Her planet to rejuvenate Gaia.

Fortunately, many members of Gaia’s Galactic family began taking incarnations as humans on her planet with the intention of opening Gaia’s innate fifth-dimensional portals. These fifth-dimensional portals were vital because they allowed a constant flow of Multidimensional Light to flow directly into Gaia’s core crystals.

It was important for the multidimensional flow of Light to move directly into Gaia’s core crystals, for if the higher Light had gone directly into Gaia’ 3D matrix, which served as a cast for her wounded planetary body, she would not be able to digest and assimilate the higher frequencies of light.

If a human had a cast on their arm for a long time, that arm would not be able to carry the weight of holding and carrying heavy objects. Also, the neuropath ways that went through the wounded arm and into the hand would need to be rehabilitated before that hand could assume its former tasks.

In order for Gaia to return to Her innate, fifth dimensional and beyond Planetary SELF, She needed all of the time since Her near fall off of Her axis during the destruction of Atlantis, to fully heal Her Planetary Self.

The forces of darkness are aware of this fact. They are also aware that they cannot resonate to the fifth-dimension. Therefore, they are doing all they can to spread fear. What they do not realize is that, in certain areas of Her planet, Gaia has already moved into Her fourth dimensional and beyond Planetary Self.

Therefore, the forces of darkness must remain on the 3D matrix, as they cannot tolerate the fifth-dimensional Light. The resonance of the fifth dimension makes the dark one’s minds work too fast and their hearts beat too fast.

When this occurs, their thinking becomes erratic and their emotions become so fearful that they begin to fall out of alignment with even the third-dimensional matrix to which their resonance has trapped them.

Hence, they are stuck in the third-dimension because their minds cannot understand of the fifth-dimension, and their emotions cannot tolerate the frequency of Unconditional Love.

We realize that, to many of you on Earth, it appears as though the darkness is in control. However, since, what one cannot perceive, one cannot experience, these dark ones have come to the very end of their perceptual abilities.

Because their choice to live via “Power Over Others,” they are unable to perceive the fifth dimensional reality that many of our Awakening Ones are enjoying. Furthermore, since one cannot consciously experience what they cannot perceive, the Dark Ones are not aware that a higher dimensional reality exists just beyond their perceptions.

On the other hand, the Ascending ones are now regaining their innate inner power that had become muffled by the fear of what has been spewed out into their reality.

In California, Gaia has suffered a long drought. But now, California has recovered and what has died or turned yellow has now been reborn and returned to that which is a verdant, green.

What Gaia is saying to humanity by this deep healing of Her land is that no matter how difficult it gets, just enough water, “emotional support” and clear sky, “loving thinking,” can turn a negative situation to a positive situation which is filled with new life.

You, the Ascending members of Gaia, are beings of Unconditional Love for your dear planet as well as within your own Unity Consciousness. You are also aware of your intimate relationship with the Violet Fire to unconditionally love and transmute the darkness to New Dawn.

Often, it is much easier to be angry of and afraid at the darkness. However, you have the multidimensional ability to heal the darkness with your own Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

On the other hand the, the darkness has already lost their battle to take Earth because she, Gaia, is shedding her former need for her third dimensional matrix to return to Her innate, multidimensional planetary self.  

We know you will join her as we can see your ever-expanding Light. When you share your expanding Light with beloved Gaia - the planet on whom you have chosen to take this embodiment, your innate Unconditional Love and Violet Fire will greatly assist Gaia with her planetary Ascension.

We, your Galactic Family thank you for all that you are doing for your planetary Mother. We, the collective of ALL your higher dimensional selves, are assisting ALL of our grounded ones, who have expanded our essence from our Starships, our Home World, and our myriad higher-dimensional realities to assist YOU, the members of Gaia.

We send our blessings and our assistance. All we ask is that you call us, and we will be there, as we already are with you. After all, how could not leave you because:
WE are YOU in a higher frequency of reality.

Blessings from your Galactic Family and
We thank you for all that you are doing for your Planetary Mother.


Adonai de la Source Première.

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--- EveryDay Wisdom -->> YouTube Channel +++ ---

Une chaîne YouTube récente qui "recycle" des vidéos de Barabara Marciniak canalisant les "Pléiadiens". Barbara Marciniak qui explique dans une vidéo qu'elle ne publie pas de nouveaux livres depuis de nombreuses années maintenant faute d'un auditoire et d'une communauté de lecteurs suffisants.

Ces vidéos sont pour certaines en date de 2016, du moins pour ce que j'ai pu constater en toute première et toute récente découverte.

Spirale, spirale.... ascendante. Les mêmes données, encore et encore, mais que nous sommes en mesure d'entendre et de "comprendre" de mieux en mieux et de plus en plus clairement au fil des ans.

Très, très utile, juste et éclairant. +++

Enjoy !!!

The Pleiadians - Global REBELLION !!! (by Barbara Marciniak)

Adonai de la Source Première.

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Pléiadiens, Arcturiens, Ra + Simion 7D
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